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iPhone 5 Mockup Set: Free Psd File of the Week

If you create a killer mobile app or a great mobile website, you can’t help but to want to show it off. Sure, you can show it off with basic screenshots of what the app would look like, but it’s much better to show what it would look like in real life. The best way to do this is with a Photoshop mockup. That’s where this week’s free Photoshop file comes in. The iPhone 5 mockup set is the free Photoshop followed the week. This isn’t simply one instance of an iPhone mockup. You get five different mockups scenarios of the iPhone 5 in use with your app. This means that viewers get a look at your app on the iPhone from five different angles. You can preview the iPhone 5 mockup set below.

iphone 5 mockup set 3 iphone 5 mockup set 2

These five different mockups are in portrait and landscape view. What I like about this iPhone 5 mockup set is that each image looks natural. It looks like someone took a professional photograph of your app in use. All you have to do is insert the screenshot of your app into these different mockups, and the Photoshop template does all of the work for you. My favorite angle would have to be the photograph of someone holding their iPhone and looking at the app. I also like the angle of the iPhone sitting on the table with Steve Jobs book and a coffee mug.

iphone 5 mockup set 6 iphone 5 mockup set 5 iphone 5 mockup set 4

This is a free Photoshop file released by . You should check out their other projects, because there are some great freebies available other than this one. If you end up using this free Photoshop mockup, be sure to like and share this project on Facebook and twitter. These five mockups will show off your work in a professional manner. To download this mockup set, click the link below to be taken to the download page.

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