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2016 SEO

Thinking about Google’s new SEO strategies in 2016 and new algorithm changes? It surely sends chills down the spine! Everyday it seems like we are on edge of experiencing a big search algorithm change. In this realm of changes, when year 2016 is shaping up to year rampant with new panda and penguin updates, thinking about the rankings variation makes my blood run cold.

2016 seo for everyone

As digital marketers we completely feel handcuffed, strapped and gagged to a chair – as if the search engines have the power to do anything they want us to do. However, if you look back to starting of 2015, the story was same, right? But when you adapted the changes and implemented new learning’s Google doesn’t seen as scary anymore.

Trends rise and fall. Every year someone is announcing the death of SEO, link building is no more, keywords don’t work now, there’s too much of content and sky is falling! Different methods used earlier no longer work, and its core responsibility of an SEO to look and consider everything so that they can put the pieces together. SEO is never just one thing it’s a complete picture with different puzzles.

This year I challenge all SEOs to learn something new and push their guaranteed SEO services it into the unknown territory of 2016. Innovation and understanding are incomplete without failure.

Following are list of new trends every business owner, digital marketer, SEO experts and content creators need to know and implement in their strategies.

Mobile Friendliness – The Oxygen Of SEO World :

Hope you (website) are not dead! Without the oxygen of the SEO world i.e. mobile friendliness it’s sure that you are dead in 2016. In 2015, the mobile searches easily dominated desktop searches in terms of volume. The stats numbers according to eMarketer, 2016 will visualize mobile search reach the highest point and will see organic traffic and paid clicks from Smartphone’s and tablets rather from desktop research. Hence, Google has announced that websites without a Smartphone and tablet-friendliness will surely drop the rankings.

It’s seen that most of the mobile users have switched to verbal search phrases as they love speaking rather than typing into a keyword. And so the search engines, changes their techniques and methods to provide the best answer for user’s convenience, no matter where they are – in a car with a phone, at work desktop or in front of television with a tablet.

Moreover, a mobile friendly site is ranked higher in realm of mobile searches and the search snippets even indicate if the website is mobile friendly or not.

Meet The Sovereign Of SEO – Content :

  • Kapost analyzes that yearly growth in unique site traffic is 7.8 times higher in comparison to sites which don’t do content marketing.
  • Inbound Writer reports tell that blogs grant websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.
  • Hubspot entails that blog posts are just as essential as Internet marketing strategies when it comes to generating leads since brands that create fifteen blog posts in a month average 1200 fresh new leads per month.

The stats mentioned above clearly proves that content will always remain the king of all. Quality content boosts SEO performance and rankings by availing backlinks from quality websites. Backlinks are considered as vote for the website that means the more the backlinked website the higher the rank and better visibility. Quality websites and search engines always pay importance to custom content. Hence, you need to create top-notch content for your website and for your audiences.

Mark Your Social Presence For Great SEO Performance :

Social media is surely one of best way to gain traffic easily, however the Google search experts Matt Cutts and Jon Mueller tells social signals do not impact on rankings. The count of social signals into search is totally tricky. Social media surely doesn’t matter directly but it does roundabout way. Wondering how? A social presence brings traffic to pages and as you know traffic is the fifth most essential factor. If social channels gives idea about how much the content appealed to the users and if buyers can make decisions using social media, Google surely must consider all this. And ultimately the more the people the more the view and shares of article and thus the higher the page ranks.

Moreover, the experts consider that in 2016 more posts on social media channels will surely get indexed by search engines.

A last note that SEO is a landscape that changes constantly and you need to adopt the flow if you love the word “SUCCESS”.