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Landing Page Basics – What Are They And How To Use Them

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Articles, Design, Web Design | 0 comments

Landing Page Basics

landing page basics

Running a website for your business is definitely not an easy task, as you probably know by now. So if you’re wondering why there isn’t much lead conversion going on, there might just be a problem with your landing page.

Many website owners take their landing pages for granted, without truly realizing the benefits of having a quality one. Today, I will show you some landing page basics and how you can use them to your business advantage.

What is a Landing Page?

To make it short, a landing page is where your visitor lands from a link they click. For instance, you are inviting people to go to your website and subscribe to your newsletter, in return, you give them a free eBook. The landing page is where you lead them to and where you get their information.

The fact is that using a landing page is the best method to get a lead, as long as you build the page the right way.

One important thing you should know, however, is that first-time visitors are, almost often, not ready to buy from you. So if you don’t have a quality landing page, they’ll end up leaving immediately.

Your landing page should include call-to-action buttons, where you invite your visitors to take some form of action that’s valuable to you. The most common thing you can do is ask for the visitor’s contact data so you can reach out to them later on.

The Makings of a Quality Landing Page

On a landing page, there are various elements to consider. All these elements should work in harmony to achieve your goal, which is to convert leads. Each element should attract visitors and support the other elements as well. And one of the most important elements of your landing page is quality copy.

Now, the copy you’ll make will depend on what call-to-action you want your visitor to act upon. Here is a guide to help you create strong copy for your landing page based on the call-to-action.

  • Express Your Unique Selling Proposition – Put headlines and sub-headlines to clearly express what your unique selling proposition is. Make the structure of your content correct. In other words, what makes your product unique? Not letting them know basically means you’re saying goodbye to conversions.
  • Use Visuals – People absorb information differently, but one thing is for sure, your visitors will appreciate a good mix of text and visuals. Adding a short video can also help in strengthening your landing page.
  • The Benefits – You have to tell your visitor point blank the benefits of your product. What value does it offer? This is the reason why they’ll buy from you and even share your product with others.
  • Explain the Features – Aside from telling them what’s unique and what value your product has to offer, tell them clearly about the features too.
  • Clear Call-to-Action – I have mentioned this over and over again throughout the post and that’s because it is so important to have a clear call-to-action in your landing page. After telling the visitor the benefits, value and features, it’s time to ask them to take action. Of course, you’d want them to make a purchase, but if they don’t, at least get them to fill up a form where you can get their information.
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Additional Elements to Make Your Copy More Effective

Show your visitors that your product has been recommended by other people. This is called social proof and it is an effective copywriting method that will get you more leads. With more people recommending your product and testifying to its value, you’re showing visitors that you already have happy customers on board.

Including your guarantees can help too. People feel more confident in buying when they see something like “30-day money back guarantee.” Not only does this show that you care for your customers, this also shows your confidence in your product.

Moreover, don’t forget to include your credentials. This is how you establish trust with your visitors. Post any awards, reviews, badges, seals and logos that will help fortify the trust between your customer and your business.

Azalea Pena is an enthusiastic writer with experience. She has an interest in action films, volleyball, nutrition, and utilizing positive vibes for a balanced lifestyle.

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