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Modern Free Fonts to Download

Let’s face it, we need free fonts for our projects. Many of us are freelancers and we just can’t afford to buy font families at $150+ each. Thank goodness for free assets and designers that like to make a name for themselves by creating and providing free fonts for us to download. With that being said, my focus on free fonts this week is on modern fonts. Use these modern free fonts to give your designs a progressive feel while being elegant and completely legible. Here are 22 high quality modern free fonts. Attenticaattentica New Free Fonts Attentica is an unexpectedly good free font with a large presence. It’s tall, thin, and has just enough weight to get noticed.



rbno2 - modern free fonts Rbno2 is a fantastic modern font that has a technological appeal. I could see this used in a science or biology book or magazine, or on a website related to research.


Uni Sans

Free font: Uni Sans You get the thin and heavy versions for free, along with their italic styles. Mixing those two together can have fantastic results.



bariol - modern free fonts

Clean, rounded and excellent, this font is suitable for a myriad of different design applications. I love the use of the thick and thin weights. 2 styles are free, and you can pick up all 4 pretty cheap (I picked up all 4).

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Hero Light

thin-fonts-hero-light Hero is a thin, elegant free font that is balanced and suited for many different types of projects.


Moderne Sans

moderne-sans: awesome free fonts How could I have a post about modern fonts without including Moderne Sans? Its sharp angles and unique look (like with the capital “A”) make this one stand out.



infinity - modern free fonts

Infinity is another thin, elegant modern font that is fresh, sophisticated and just screams technology. I liked this font so much, I built my design studio’s new identity from it.


Kelson Sanskelson-sans New Free Fonts

Kelson Sans comes in 3 weights, which gives it a lot of versatility. It has a distinct modern look and would be great for signage, where you need legibility & variation.



Maven -  Thin fonts Maven is available in 3 different weights, giving you some flexibility in your design work.




Hammer is a really cool modern slab serif font that makes you instantly think tech. I love the slash in the zero, which makes it easy to identify  when someone is using the letter O and the number zero. I hate when a typeface makes it difficult to tell the difference!

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V.Ger Grotesque

vger - modern free fonts

With different weights and the bent edges, this font is ultra modern, while still being easy to read. It has its own unique twist, which instantly makes it recognizable.



thin-fonts-lato Lato has a range of weights from super-thin to extra bold. Lato is definitely one of the best modern free fonts for a lot of different projects.




No, not Blanch from the Golden Girls, but it is the thick and thin font family that even has an inline edition. This gives you the added bonus of having extra variations to your typefaces.

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melbourne-free-thin-fonts Melbourne is a rounded-corner free font that has a few different weights. The rounded corners give it a softer touch.



thin-fonts-dekar Dekar has a wider stance that Infinity, but it follows the same idea. I especially like how the width is carried over in the rounded areas.



Great fonts Stroke

Stroke is great for modern applications. I love the roundness of the R, and the round areas where you would expect a vertices, such as in the R and the K.


Ostrich Sans

ostrich-sans-thin-fonts Like Mensch, Ostrich Sans has a thin version, thicker weights, and an inline version. This gives it a lot of versatility and contrast, while remaining consistent.


Hiruko – Black Alternate

hiruko-free-font Hiruko is great for fun applications where you need a softer typeface. It’s great thin, but the thicker, rounded version looks great with it, too.



titillium-free-font Titillium has a sharp look, making it great for technical applications.



canter Free Font Canter is one of my personal favorites, due to the different variations in the letters. There are 4 different styles, even with shadows.



code thin fonts Code Light is tall and thin, but still has enough width to give it a strong presence.



mensch-thin-fonts Mensch has 4 different weights, giving it a lot of contrast. I especially like the inline style to balance out the thin version.



These modern free fonts are excellent to use for many different types of projects. Some are better suited for technological applications, but many of them can attribute to some some interesting typographic work. With clean lines and rounded corners, they are friendly and fun, while not losing their legibility. Which of these modern free fonts are your favorite? Do you have other modern free fonts that you like better? If so, share them with us in the comments section below.