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Modern Powerful Architect WordPress Themes for Creating Architecture Portfolios

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Web Design, Wordpress | 0 comments

Architect WordPress themes you should explore

Architecture is a highly competitive filed and if you happen to be an architect, then you would need an online website, to showcase your work, in the form of a portfolio that prospective clients can check out. This is why it makes perfect sense to check out some of the awesome and architect WordPress themes. These themes have been collated from various sources and happen to be robust, and well designed with intuitive features which should enable your website to stand out.

So check out the various architect WordPress themes and decide which one suits you better.

  1. SKT architect pro:

SKT architect pro wordpress theme example

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When it comes to architect WordPress themes, this one stands out for the right reason. It is simple, and yet, it comes loaded with all the functionality that you need including the requisite demos, so you should be able to test drive it within seconds. This particular theme has been specifically developed for architecture, and one that comes with a demo built in for architecture websites, which you can use to check out the theme. It comes loaded with widgets with which you should be able to provide your users with more features and user centric applications as well. It is customizable and comes with drag and drop functionality, with which you can build up your website with ease. What’s more, you can also customize it for color and it happens to be SEO optimized as well. It is certainly well designed and should be perfect for you to showcase your designs. Incidentally, this theme also happens to be woo commerce compatible as well.

  1. Home Decor:

home decor theme

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Of the various architect WordPress themes, Character tend to rank near the top and with good reason. It is lightweight, compact and comes with custom widgets, layout options and customization. The theme is compact enough and it comes with drag and drop functionality which should enable you to customize and re-build your website from scratch. It also comes with various short codes which can be added to any page, thereby making it unique and providing it with more functionality. What makes this theme stand out is that it also happens to come with a dedicated architect demo which you can use to showcase your work, to perfection. What’s interesting is that this theme is advertiser friendly as well, so you should be able to commercialize your website without facing any issue. It also happens to be SEO optimized and comes with several layout options and furthermore, you can customize it as per your preference. It comes with pre-specified widget areas, social media buttons, and advanced features that you can use to showcase your work, and snag in more customers. Check it out today.

  1. Kitchen Design Pro:

kitchen design wordpress theme

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If you are checking out various architect WordPress themes, then you may want to take a closer look at this one. This color changing theme is a multi-purpose one and as such, it should be perfect for any architectural firm, small or big. The overall design happens to be minimal which is perfect for showcasing your portfolio of work to new clients. You can feature high resolution images and videos on it without any issue and it is retina ready as well, not to mention responsive and robust. So your users, once you have developed your website, should be able to access your website and its complete functionality from any device, without any issue. It also happens to come with a dedicated 580+ icons as well as typography section as well. It is also cross browser compatible which should ensure that your traffic would improve over time. It also comes with unique custom layout option that you can use to customize your website as you see fit. With this theme, you can make your website stand out for the right reasons.

  1. Decor:

home decor theme for WordPress

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if you are an interior decorator or an architect looking to set up a website, then you would definitely want to take a closer look at this particular theme. It is perfect for interior decorators and architects alike. What makes this theme stand out, apart from the usual features is that it comes with advanced functionality, which should help your website stand out from the rest of the crowd. It comes with intuitive, galley features which you can use to showcase your work with the help of high resolution images. The gallery also comes with filters that your users can use to sort through the various images stored in the same. Incidentally, it also happens to come with a carousel slider which you can use to showcase high resolution images as well as videos on the same. The theme is woo commerce compatible and furthermore, it also happens to be cross browser compatible.

  1. Contractor Pro:

contractor pro WordPress template

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This theme is a multipurpose one and has been developed specifically for architectural firms and design agencies; it is a highly responsive theme and one that comes packed with all the functionality that you would ever require. It comes with a modern design and a unique layout; furthermore, it is completely customizable and you can also use the drag and drop functionality to build your website, as per your current specs. It is also compatible with multiple browsers so your website should continue to function seamlessly and without any hitch. It is also retina ready and it also happens to be quite responsive in the sense that your users can check out your website, with 0 loss of functionality, through various devices including smart phones and other hand held devices. It comes with a ready portfolio that you can use to showcase your work; it is also translation ready and you can use other plugins to translate some of the content for your users. On the whole, you can use this theme effectively and effortlessly, and connect better with your audience.

These are some of the themes for creating architecture portfolios on; all these themes are highly popular and top ranking as well. Each theme is different from the other, and stands out on account of one reason or the other. Check out the descriptions listed against each and then decide which meets your requirements and provides you with what you need, and then use the same to base your website on.

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