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Why You Need Pixelo’s Futuristic Design Bundle

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Articles, Design | 1 comment

“Great design is futuristic because it should be everlasting.”

Futuristic elements are part of the hottest trends in today’s design world. And for good reasons. We are now living in a digital world that has greatly influenced how we communicate with one another. As such, it has also affected the way almost everything is designed, created, and made. These days, it’s all about creating designs that are sleek and streamlined. It’s also about making things as artistic yet minimalist as possible. And if there’s an element that can fully capture these requirements, it’s futuristic fonts.

Even if you often use images of spaceships and robots, it’s still hard to capture what the future looks like. But, with a great font choice, futuristic design becomes less challenging. Even if you keep the backdrop bare, an authentic futuristic font can take the viewers where you want them to be.

A great source of futuristic elements for your design project is Pixelo’s current bundle.

The Futuristic Design Bundle by Pixelo.Net

Pixelo futuristic design bundle graphic

image courtesy –

Pixelo is a website that provides design bundles for professional and amateur designers. The elements on each bundle are submitted by top designers from different parts of the world. The Pixelo team filters and curates each submission. The designs that passed the Pixelo standards are categorized collectively. They are then presented in bundles or kits offered for a special deal.

The Pixelo deal is almost always 90+% lower than the combined price of each element in the bundle. The only kicker is that each bundle has a time restriction. When you buy a Pixelo bundle, you may use and download it for as many times as you like. Alas, if you fail to buy a bundle and it has expired, it will be gone forever.

The current bundle offered on Pixelo is the Futuristic Design Bundle. The package has over 4600 fonts and design elements with extended licenses. The bundle abounds with eye-catching graphics and cool designs. They can help you in creating captivating content. It’s full of various fonts, textures, styles, graphics, templates, and add-ons. Each design can fit any minimalist, contemporary or futuristic theme. The elements are specially handpicked by the Pixelo team. Each selection is based on the design depth, versatility, and functionality.

The fonts and graphics in the bundle can be used in different ways thanks to their adaptability. They are great for web designs, marketing styles, printed projects, and more. The bundle also has many attention-grabbing graphics and templates for social media. It’s a package that you can’t afford to miss. This is particularly true if you often use ultramodern elements on your project.

Futuristic Design Bundle is available for only $29. It’s 98% cheaper than its original value of $1357. BUT, the cost-effective deal ends in 47 days! It’s high time you go to to get one yourself.

Why Do You Need to Buy the Futuristic Design Bundle?

creative image for design bundle

image courtesy –

Not a lot of designers are eager to use futuristic elements. The concept of the future, even just on design, can be a bit overwhelming. But, it’s not something you need to fear. Futuristic fonts and graphics aren’t just “for the future.”
So, where can you use such design elements? The answer is ANYWHERE! You may use them on contemporary sites or for thematic prints and posters. You can use them on company logos or business signage. They can even be great for invitations, magazine layouts or merchandising packages.

The fascinating thing about futuristic fonts is that they are incredibly versatile. Though they’re ultramodern, they’re not just used for sci-fi themes. “Futuristic” ideas are more than just heavy digital concepts. In truth, the native simplicity of most futuristic fonts makes them ideal for any type of project. Many of them are even used as default fonts. They are perfect for instances when you’re having a hard time coming up with new designs.

That being said, not all space-age fonts are simple and streamlined. You can also get from the bundle bold and highly dramatic typefaces and graphics. These are ideal for more visual elements such as headings, bulletins, and labels.

There are countless ways to use futuristic design elements. In reality, they are now part of a “designer must-haves.”

When you buy the Futuristic Design Bundle, you’ll get:
• 7 top-quality font families
• 22 fonts in various families and styles
• 4600+ graphics and elements
• Countless patterns, textures, images, templates, layers, add-ons and more
• Commercial licenses
• Lifetime download access
• Unlimited customer care support

5 Captivating Design Elements from Pixelo’s Futuristic Bundle

thin curves font pair

image courtesy –

Crimsons by Pinata
If you’re looking for something unique yet refined, use Crimsons. This specific design element is a font pair: Crimsons Thin and Crimsons Thin Italic. The typeface is theme-specific and pretty distinctive. It’s a combination of contemporary grotesque, ancient motifs, and serif symmetries. The Crimsons pair is perfect for short and dramatic inscriptions. It’s also ideal for printed names and logos. The kit includes:
• 2 typefaces
• 415+ glyphs for Crimsons Thin
• 415+ glyphs for Crimson Thin Italic
• Supports more than 70 languages

Elf by Pinata

elf curves font

image courtesy –

Elf is a polished, handwritten font perfect for sophisticated inscriptions. It’s first hand-drawn on a piece of paper and then carefully worked through. Then, it was digitized to become a working font. Elf is one of the components of Rabbits. The latter is a huge thematic assortment of highly emotional handwritten typefaces.

You can make this hand-crafted font the star of your design project. Alternatively, it can be a great supplementary element that can make the star element pop. Elf’s range of uses is enormous. The limit is only your imagination. You can use it on postcards, invitations, greeting cards, and posters. Elf is also ideal for decals, cases and novelty items (mugs, shirts, etc.). It’s applicable to various printed materials and DIY projects. The kit contains:
• 415+ glyphs
• Supports more than 70 languages
• OTF & TTF file formats

Space Dreams Graphic Collection by Pinata

space dreams collection

image courtesy –

Space Dreams Collection is perfect for anything space/universe-related motifs. It’s incredibly user-friendly as most of the elements are already pre-made. But, you can also create your own unique designs. Using this collection, you can plan and make the kind of universe you like. The kit contains:
• 15 patterns
• 8 ready-to-use graphics
• 7 original characters with 15 color variations
• 24 backgrounds with color variations
• 20 landscapes with various elements and color variations
• 67 space elements

Aqua Mellon Artistic Toolkit by Milka

artistic toolkit

image courtesy –

This ultramodern kit mainly caters to the young and old Millennials. Aqua Mellon includes hand-drawn vectors, graphics, and textures in various eye-popping combinations. It also offers a variety of templates for social media, particularly Instagram. All elements are versatile and eye-catching. The artistic toolkit is best used for paper prints, logos, and product packaging. It’s also ideal for apparel and stationery printouts. The Aqua Mellon kit contains:
• 100 vector elements
• 10 watercolor textures
• 14 Instagram templates
• 20 bonus transparent splashes

8 Rose Gold Pinterest Templates by Sinikka Li

rose gold Pinterest templates

image courtesy –

Futuristic designs are more than the usual ultra-vibrant colors and space-related motifs. Sometimes, they can also be as elegant as rose gold templates. Sinikka Li’s kit is specially designed for Pinterest users. Their templates are best for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Entrepreneurs can also use them to elevate their social media visual presence. The fully-customizable kit includes:
• 8 Photoshop templates for Pinterest
• Rose gold layers
• Free fonts
• Tutorials

Some other kits (by product contributors) you’ll get from the Futuristic Design Bundle are:

By Digital Curio

floral designs and graphics

image courtesy –

• Blue and Silver Floral Clipart
• Holly Leaf Skeleton Clipart
• Lily Pond Digital Scrapbooking Kit
• Old Gold Design Elements PNG
• Woodland Wild Digital Scrapbook Kit
• Pale Blue and Pearl Graphics
• Rose Gold Dust Overlays
• Silver Dust Overlays
• Dynamic Cloud Backgrounds
• Yellow Mason Jar Lights
• Star Map Overlays
• Floral Helm Clipart
• Decorative Text Dividers Clipart
• Fantasy Ocean Scene Creator
• Pink and Purple Snowflakes Clipart
• Luminous Snow Flurry PNG Overlays
• Dreamscapes Digital Paper
• Ocean Dreams Backgrounds
• Gold Sea Monster Backgrounds
• Vintage Damask Wallpaper Textures
• Paper Clouds Room Backdrops
• Antique Star Maps Backgrounds
• Vintage Handwriting Digital Paper
• Antique Maps Digital Paper
• Golden Paint Strokes PNG
• Dharma Backgrounds
• Luxury Floral Burgundy Chairs

By MiksKS

Photoshop brushes and text effects

image courtesy –

• Set of 20 Landscapes Maps
• Crystal Spheres + Other Elements
• Black & Gold Polygons
• Procreate Smudge Brushes
• Glitch Text Effects for Photoshop
• Vintage Engraving Procreate Brushes
• Procreate Grunge Texture Brushes
• Pencil & Charcoal Procreate Brushes
• Procreate Paint Brushes
• Watercolor Procreate Brushes

By Graphic Spirit

vintage letters and brush ink font

image courtesy –

• Claretta Brush Ink Font
• Vintage Letter A to Z Vector And PNG

By Sinikka Li

Instagram templates, letting kits and backgrounds

image courtesy –

• 9 Gold Instagram PSD Templates
• Procreate Watercolor Brushes
• Procreate Hand Lettering Kit
• 10 High Res Watercolor Background
• 12 Hand-drawn Seamless Patterns

By DealFuel

Flower design set

image courtesy –

• Vatican Dream Flower Design Set

By Milka

hand drawn vectors

image courtesy –

• 120 Unique Wreaths
• Delilah – Hand Drawn Vector Set

By Pinata

fatso font, brush fonts

image courtesy –

• Fatso—Handwritten Font
• Blushes—Thin & Thin Italic
• Dew & Dew Shadow
• Walls Regular & Walls Rough Regular
• Tropical Desire Patterns
• Watercolor Rabbits Collection

Get the Futuristic Design Bundle NOW

At the time of writing, you only have 47 days before Pixelo’s current bundle ends. Visit the website to learn more about this amazing bundle. For licensing rules, go here.

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