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Discover 7 Powerful Tips for Negotiating Your Web Development Contract

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 1 comment

Negotiating Your Web Development Contract

In today’s world of global commerce, having a strong Web presence is a necessary component of successful marketing and operations. There are many aspects of planning a Web design project, but the cost factor is an aspect that can’t be ignored. Creating a website doesn’t need to be a costly affair. When looking for website development Perth, all you have to do is find a professional Web development company and negotiate a cost-effective rate.


Preparing for the Negotiation Process

Similar to buying a car, the cost of Web design work can easily be negotiated. However, if you want to receive the best possible rate, you should know the following before entering into negotiations:

• How much do they charge?
• How much can you afford?
• What skills, knowledge, and experience do they possess?
• What are you interested in building or creating?
• How much time can they dedicate to the project and the estimated completion date?
• What date does the project need to be completed by?
• Do you or the development company have any special requirements, such as
maintenance and hosting, for the project?

After determining what you want and need to be included in the contract, you can confidently negotiate certain changes to the contract, most noticeably the price. Let’s take a look at seven tips that can help you with various aspects of the negotiation process.

1. Have a Consultation

When in need of website development Perth, it is important to have a consultation with the Web development or design company before sealing the deal. The consultation is your opportunity to sit down with them one on one and inform them of the goals of your Web presence and highlight some different elements that you would like included in your finished website. Some companies may charge a consultation charge, but it is a necessary part of the selection process. Often, the price of the consultation can be reduced or eliminated during the negotiation.

2. Discuss Contract Rates

Most Web development companies have varying methods of charging for their services. While some companies charge clients by the hour for the time it takes to complete a project, others consider the complexity and the size of a project to decide upon a lump sum fee. Most clients who start a project from scratch usually choose the latter, because paying a one-time fee frees up time that would have been spent keeping tabs on the total project hours and allows them to know the exact delivery date.

3. Review Samples of Their Work

You should always make sure that the company provides you with samples of their work before you agree upon using their services for the entire project. Typically, Web development and design companies will provide you with a sample homepage and sitemap of your site for a reduced fee. After reviewing the work, you can decide to use them for the rest of your project or choose another company. Critiquing their work will also provide you with added negotiating power.

4. Ensure the Intellectual Property Rights

In most cases, if you hire a reputable company to design and develop a website on your behalf, you receive sole ownership of the finished product. However, important matters such as this should be discussed beforehand, and the ownership should be clearly stated in the legal agreement. It’s important to note that this problem is more frequent when working with freelancers.

5. Consider the Maintenance of the Site

The cost of future maintenance should also be outlined in the contract. Generally, a Web design project is considered finished when a client receives their final website. However, unless you have an in-house webmaster, you will likely want to negotiate the maintenance of the site into the contract agreement.

6. Keep the Timing in Mind

The time it takes to complete the project should also be considered. Ask the Web design company about the estimated time it will take to complete the project. Not only will this provide you with an idea of when to expect the finished site, but it will also allow you to negotiate rates depending on the time it takes to complete the project.

7. Enquire About Package Deals

Many service providers provide a wide-range of services. From website design to search engine optimization, all of your online needs can often be taken care of by the same company. If this is an option, you will receive cheaper rates by ordering more than one service from the same provider than what you can expect to pay by hiring more than one service provider.

Developing a website and an online presence is crucial for success in the modern business world. There are many website development Perth companies to choose from, but by following these tips, you will be able to find the right company at the right price, and celebrate as you watch your online presence grow right before your eyes.

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