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Real Estate Web Design: 4 Essential Design Features For Real Estate Websites

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Articles, Web Design | 0 comments

Today, even websites with well-known domain names need to ensure they have an online presence that stands out.

Traditionally, real estate web design was reliant on a popular domain name with a large proportion of marketing attention reserved for physical advertising. However, with online users growing and physical businesses in decline, the real estate industry finds itself increasingly looking to online strategies for business growth.

Gone are the days when people studied newspapers to find real estate listings and did the rounds of the top realtors in their local area. Whether sales, rentals or new homes, today’s buyers and sellers want the convenience of real estate online.

Thus, real estate web design is moving forwards at a fast pace. Contemporary realtors who want to be successful, need a competitive, professional and impressive real estate website for their business.

If you’ve recently realized your real estate company hasn’t kept up, its time to get a new or updated website and ensure you don’t lose valuable business to your competitors.

Acquiring an impressive web design is easier than you think. Here are 4 quick and easy design features you can use to ensure your real estate website is built for success.

4 Essential Design Features For Real Estate Websites: Top Tips For Realtors

1.   Industry Related Domain Name

As the first thing your potential customers encounter, your domain name should make a good first impression.

Forming an important part of your brand identity, your domain name should be clear, easy to read and related to what you do. An unexpected domain name, completely detached from your business niche will make your website visitors feel unsure about the legitimacy of your company.

If users don’t feel safe and secure, they won’t click on your listing in search and you’ll inevitably lose significant amounts of business before potential customers have even reached your website.

2.   Impressive Property Displays

Your properties are your biggest asset. Users respond to visual features and your properties are the reason they are visiting your site.

Ensure your properties are an impressive feature of your website. Use plenty of premium quality images and top on-trend features to display your houses and apartments at their best. Think about the UX elements of your web design carefully. Choose easy navigation and a clean layout so your website delivers a positive and enjoyable experience for your website visitors.

3.   Optimize Service Pages

Include some service pages in your website design. Without service pages, it will be really hard for your website to rank well in search.

Use service pages to improve your website SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is your ability to rank highly in search.

Add plenty of detail to service pages that is optimized for SEO. Use targeted keywords to help your target market find you online. Research the best keywords for your niche to increase your website traffic and add long-form content whenever you can. Include the benefits of your service in your content and explain why customers should choose you instead of your competitors.

4.   Entertain, Inform & Educate Website Visitors

Your blog is a brilliant opportunity for you to communicate with potential and existing customers.

Blog information, tips, news and advice. Include valuable information to help your target market make wise property decisions when buying, selling or updating a home.

Begin by devising a content calendar where you can plan the educational information about the real estate business you want to share in your blogs.

Plan a range of educational content that visitors will want to share. When your blog content is shared on social media it helps to multiply your website traffic. Informative content will also assist you to build your online reputation and appear more trustworthy.

With these four solid elements in place, your real estate web design has the foundations needed for success online.

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