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Seamless SVG Patterns

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 2 comments

SVG Patterns

If you haven’t heard of SVG, it stands for scalable vector graphics. It seems to be the future of the web, and it may solve a lot of our problems, becoming a viable option for creative graphics for the web. SVGs are like Adobe Illustrator files for your browser. The graphics scale infinitely, so they’ll always be crisp and clean. What’s awesome is that the issue of having a 2x sized version of your graphics won’t be necessary. This is amazing, and on top of all of that, the file size is relatively small. If you want a beautiful repeating background that scales well and looks great everywhere, SVG patterns may be the answer.

What I’ve done for you is create a set of seamless SVG Patterns you can download for free and use in your web projects. There are 25 in total, all set up to seamlessly tile in your browser.

How SVG Patterns Work

You can open the SVG file in a text editor and copy all of the code and paste it in your html file. You can also use an svg like an image and place it in an image tag. You can also refer to it in your CSS, such as for a background image, and set it to repeat there. Since it is set up to tile, it will tile seamlessly in the background of your browser. Also, if the size isn’t quite how you like it, you can open up any of the SVG patterns in a text editor and change the width and height values. Increase them or decrease them and have total control over what your SVG Patterns will look like in your browser.

Here is a preview of the different SVG patterns you’ll receive:

blue-circles dimensional-wave blue-grid circle-pattern bricks-diagonal pixel-striples-diagonal rainbow-geometric purple-geometric ygo-vertical yellow-green-diagonal white-bricks grey-noise metal-holes-outer metallic-holes orange-waves water-wave purple-green red-yellow-diamonds red-yellow-green-zigzag water-scales color-noise yellow-squares tesselation: SVG Patterns leopard: SVG Patterns

Download My Free SVG Patterns

My SVG patterns are free for you to download and use use in your web design and development projects. To download, click the link below, enter your email address and I will send them to you at the email address you provided. Also, if you would could help me out, please share this post via social media, like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon.

Click here to Download 25 FREE SVG Patterns!

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