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Using Shake Reduction Photoshop CC

The addition of Shake Reduction in Photoshop CC is just one of a number of features that make the new version a must-have. In addition to shake reduction, Photoshop CC has added a number of features to things like Camera Raw and the #d modeling engine. Essentially what shake reduction does is it finds the areas in your image where you have vibration problems. These are usually from taking a photograph without using a tripod. You might have also been rushing to take the photo, and didn’t use the proper methods for steadying your camera or camera phone. I can’t tell you how many times I have snapped a picture with my iPhone 5 and it was horrible, due to camera shake. Some cameras just don’t deal with camera shake very well. The iPhone 5 seems to be one of the worst. It seems like it barely has an image stabilizer at all. The new shake reduction feature in Photoshop CC aims to fix that, and it does a fairly good job.

Shake reduction is handled automatically by Photoshop, but it does have a few sliders that you can adjust to tweak the results if you need to. I tried the shake reduction filter on a few different images, and I ran into a couple that needed extra adjustments to get the best results. The cool thing is that the selection area, with the handles in the middle of the image can be modified, so you can control where you want Photoshop CC to focus on implementing shake reduction.

Shake Reduction Photoshop CC


The new shake reduction filter in Photoshop CC is a great new filter for quickly fixing those images that are victims of camera shake. Flexible and mostly automated, you can make quick adjustments to create images that are crisper, sharper, and that look more professional. Plus, you can also save those photos that you rushed to take in order to capture the moment. Shake reduction won’t fix every image out there, but any improvement will help. What do you think about the new shake reduction filter in Photoshop CC? Do you think you’ll get a lot of use out of it?