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Freelance Jobs: Should They Make Up the Majority of a Graphic Designer’s Work?

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Articles, Design, Freelancing, Tutorials | 0 comments

Freelance Jobs Vs Full Time Work

Freelance work is a way of life and a way of making a living. Some designers prefer to work strictly as freelance designers. They are afforded the freedom to decide their own income, and they make their own schedules. Freelance designer’s answer only to themselves and their clients. As long as they can meet their project deadlines, they will be extremely successful. Freelance jobs enable the designer to make the type of money that they deserve to make.

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In-house full time designers have it good in a different way. Instead of having to handle all aspects of the business, they can focus on projects and work to solve problems. The other side of this is that they get a steady paycheck each week. On the other hand, they have to answer to a boss each and every day. Whether you have a little work to do and could take the rest of the day off, their boss can always come up with something for them to do. Working for someone else also means that you only make what the company feels like paying you.

Can You Do Both Freelance Jobs and a Full Time Job?

The answer is yes! Actually I have done it. Keeping your sanity while doing this is another subject altogether, but it is possible. the key factor in doing freelance jobs and working full time is that you have to be able to balance both, without having them conflict with each other. For example, if you do work for a client for your full time job, and then you do a freelance job for them on the side, that is essentially a conflict of interest, and the company can even claim that you are stealing their business. As long as you are careful and follow careful guidelines to keep them both completely separate, then you should be just fine.

What do Freelance Jobs Show Potential Employers?

Freelance jobs should be in the portfolios of all types of different designers. the main reason is that it shows initiative. It shows an employer that you aren’t just a mindless drone that just sits there and does what they are told. For you to handle a project from start to finish, and on your own means that  you are a self starter, that you can organize your time, and that you can work with a client to deliver a successful end product. I am surprised that most in-house design departments and design firms don’t seek out past freelancers first and foremost when hiring. Maybe it’s jobs security. Maybe the department head is afraid if they hire someone who is too good, that they will have their job soon enough. Whatever the reason, having quality freelance work in your portfolio shows a lot of great qualities in your work ethic.

Conclusion: Are Freelance Jobs Right For You?

It all depends on you and your personality. Are you a self starter that likes the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want? Can you multitask and handle multiple projects at once? Can you set your priorities and properly manage your time? If so, freelance jobs can be especially rewarding. I am close to finishing an Equine enthusiast & Health website, and when I showed my client the initial design, it literally brought tears to her eyes. She was that happy with the design. That was a first for me, and that doesn’t happen everyday, but honestly, that was amazingly fulfilling. If you are looking for a fulfilling career, then taking on freelance jobs where you are the one that makes all of the decisions may be the right choice for you.

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