25 Bootstrap WordPress Themes That Will Make Your Website Look Great

What are you thinking about when you hear the word ‘bootstrap’? Of a small fabric or leather loop on the back of your boots with the label on it? It would have been true, if you’d been asked about it some three or four years ago. However, since then bootstraps have secretly left your shoe-rack and moved to your PCs, laptops and smart phones.

This came along with the introduction of the Bootstrap framework in August 2011, which is a toolkit for web-design with really great functionality. Bootstrap framework revolutionized the market and became the most popular development tool within a year since its introduction.

So why is it rocking the Internet community? Let me tell you. It is just a long-awaited all-in-one option. It combines HTML and CCS structures and supplements them with JavaScript dialog boxes, tooltips and carousels. It also has a number of advanced features concerning navigation, tabs, pagination and grouping of buttons as well as allows adapting the Bootstrap file itself by selection of the tools you plan to use for your work.

Bootstrap templates, flexible and well-thought, provide a great native functionality of Bootstrap combined with some useful add-ons created by the developer team. Using such a template will upgrade your website to a new dimension of browsing experience that surpasses your clients’ expectations.

Why Should You Prefer a Ready-made Template over a Custom one?

1) Just think of the costs of getting a custom design for your website. I mean not only money (up to 10 times more for a custom design), but also the time you need to spend to find the right person and to carry out the whole project. Getting a custom design is like buying a pig in a poke – you never know what will come out of it. On the contrary, with the ready-made template you can see the quality of work you are paying for. At the same time, Bootstrap templates provide such a great array of customizable features that your website will look as great and unique as a custom one.

2) Working with a ready-made template is as easy as a pie. After installing it in one click, you simply adjust it to your needs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. By the way, if you ever encounter any technical problems, the support team of TemplateMonster.com is ready to help 24/7.

3) All the ready-made themes are responsive. This means that the layout of the pages adjusts dynamically, taking into account the type of the device used and looking great on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and all other types of devices you can think of.

4) What is more, along with the template you get a license for all the images it includes. This means that re-using them for your later projects is a savvy option that brings additional benefits for you.

In this post you are invited to discover Top 25 ideas for your website design that are based on the Bootstrap WordPress framework. With these great designs your website will raise to a new height in popularity that you have never expected it to reach.

The Happy Family: Family Center Responsive WordPress Theme

We all know the feelings of joy, warmth and comfort that come from our childhood. Having a happy family is one of the most empowering experiences in life. Present your website as a comfort zone with this great responsive theme with the colors of peace and confidence.

Family Center: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

Life Captured: Videographer WordPress Design

It is hard to imagine a successful videographer without a well-developed website. Show your sense of visual information presentation with this stylish monochrome design.

Videographer: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

Effective Consulting WordPress Template

If clarity of analysis and effectiveness are the cornerstones of your practice, than this well-structured theme will better equip you for providing the best experience for your clients.

Consulting: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

The Special Day: Wedding Planner WordPress Design

In THIS day everything has a meaning. The colors, the numbers, the sequence and the outlook of every element has a meaning. Such an approach should be applied to website design as well. Making it look perfect becomes simple with this responsive design in cherry colors.

Wedding Planner bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

Leading-edge Construction Company WordPress Template

Cut your teeth on architecture? Your website design should not lag behind!Turn your website into your stronghold by updating its design to this winning modern theme.

Construction Company: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

Up-to-the-minute News Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Turning the news-reading experience into a daily habit may be one of your goals. Make your reders addicted to your website wit the clear efficient presentation of your contents.

News Portal: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

The Golden Treasure: Honey Store Responsive WordPress Theme

The colors of blue sky and bright flowers combine in this theme as naturally as on a field in blossom. Not only the clients, even bees would have been attracted!

Honey Store: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

More Then Reading: Publishing Company Responsive WordPress Template

You are the first to uncover new universes created by the writers. This color-balanced three-color template will show that you know how to make the experience of reading comfortable.

Publishing Company: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

The Unveiled Vision: Religious WordPress Theme

If the aim of your website is to uncover the real value of religious experience that has been largely veiled by modern technocratic culture, use this theme to uncover the relief and hope that such an experience brings among the turmoil of modern life.

Religious: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

Conquer the world: Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Design

This is a high time to break the chains of daily routine and to venture on getting out of your comfort zone to experience the greatness of the world. The dynamic bold design of this theme will wake the wanderlust of your clients that will be unstoppable.

Travel Agency: bootstrap wordpress themes

Details | Demo

Stylish Photographer Portfolio WordPress Design

This stylish minimalistic theme in dark shades of grey and brown will divert visitors’ attention to your photographs presenting them in a most favorable way.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The Taste of New House: Interior Design Responsive WordPress Template

Make your website a representation of how you understand the concept of modern house. Easy navigation, pleasing color palette, intriguing shapes and elements this features can be applied both to successful interior and web design.

Interior Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dynamic Music Portal WordPress Design

Don’t let the outdated design of your website sound like a broken record. This bright stimulating website design supplemented with the images of great stage performances definitely strikes the right note and win over the auditory.

Music Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pleasing Experience: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Eating out can be one of the most pleasing experiences that is easy to arrange. You simply walk in and enjoy the atmosphere, the sevice and the conversation that comes along. Nowadays, design of the website has become an integral part of this atmosphere, as often people fist visit the eating place online and decide whether they like the way it is presented there or not.

Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Movie Time! Responsive WordPress Theme

Demonstrate what is up in the world of cinema with this well-structured theme with interactive boxes. Easy to navigate, easy to visualize, easy to search – your website is bound to be popular!

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hassle-free Insurance WordPress Theme

Want to prove that choosing an insurance plan is not as tricky as many expect it to be? This bold and reassuring website design will reasure your clients that your services are quick, effective and reliable.

Insurance Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Endless Security Responsive WordPress Theme

Nothing will come out of the blue if you entrust your security to right hands. This theme alludes to cloudless sky as the symbol of safety and security.

Security Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cheer up! Movie WordPress Template

The uplifting colors of this theme will tune the guests of your website to something pleasant. For what can be better that a great movie?

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Secure Locksmith Responsive WordPress Theme

Demonstrate your qualification and experience one the website that presents you as a master of your business. A great selection of visual material will help to show the level of service you provide.

Locksmith Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Best Education Services WordPress Template

Classroom is meant to be a friendly environment for intellectual growth and self-development. Reflect your approach to education with this responsive theme that gives a positive image of studying process.

Education Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Unspoiled Nature Environmental WordPress Design

The transparency of spring water, reflected in this design, makes people think of what can be lost forever. Visualize what you try to preserve with the images and color palette of this theme.

Environmental Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Attainable Health Medical WordPress Template

Modern medicine relies on the latest advances in technology. Demonstrating that you are on the cutting edge of technology is a great idea that can be implemented with a well-thought interactive website design.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

‘Buon appetito!’ Italian Restaurant WordPress Theme

Italians are the nation who knows how to enjoy the taste of life.The true value of unwinding and eating something healthy and delicious can be uncovered with this great, richly illustrated theme.

Italian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rainbow Painting Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Vivid, inspiring, filling with joy – this great theme will create a stir among the client looking for bright colors. What is the best way to advertise your product? Turn it into this uplifting design that is impossible to withstand.

Painting Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Time-tested Tradition Hotel WordPress Design

What can be appreciated more then a time-tested tradition of excellent service? Probably, the same tradition combined with innovation! Bring you website design in accord to the level of your enterprise and win over the hears of your clients.

Hotels Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


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