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Top Tools Every Social Media Manager Needs

by | May 19, 2021 | Articles, Social Media | 0 comments

Social media is very important to any business. The promotion of goods and services on the Internet is the path to prosperity and good financial performance. That is why any SMM manager must create an effective strategy for promoting a brand or products on social media. Modern technology is advanced enough to make this process simple and efficient. Here are the top tools every social media manager needs.


If you need to manage multiple social media accounts and create posts effectively, Hootsuite is a good choice. This tool allows you to set up deferred posts, organize comments and track audience activity. Now you don’t need to switch between accounts for a very long time. Thanks to this tool, you can present a new SMM marketing strategy to your boss. Beginners will have to spend several hours learning all the features and general functionality. If you are a student, then you can find a paper helper so that nothing distracts you from your work.


As a rule, a good manager develops the concept of SMM promotion several months in advance. But uploading photos and posting can be time-consuming. MeetEdgar helps you get rid of the routine every hour. Set up time slots for your posts on Facebook or other social networks. Let’s say your audience is very active in the evening or at night. This digital tool will help you share promo content with customers, create polls and other activities. All you need to do is preload all digital content.

Sprout Social

This digital tool can do the same as the previous two options. The main difference is a user-friendly interface for tracking statistical data. You can see the average engagements per message, statistics of your competitors, and the effectiveness of your SMM campaign. A lot of data will allow you to analyze how the audience perceives various news and adjust your strategy to capture new markets. The basic version has some limitations. Nevertheless, this is enough to get acquainted with the functionality and choose a subscription option.


Here is another option that is well suited for deferred publications and collecting statistics. But the main difference lies in the interface and the way of interacting with the audience. Let’s say you have about ten accounts on various social networks. Would you like to open dozens of browser tabs and switch between profiles? This is a real nightmare for any SMM manager.

Agorapulse is a bit like an email client. All dialogs and accounts are conveniently sorted so that you can switch between tabs very quickly. Also, you can see all new notifications and comments to communicate with your subscribers. Such a digital tool is very useful for creating a successful marketing campaign and interacting with people online.


Let’s say you are a manager in a small company that wants to interact with an audience on Facebook or VK. This digital tool can help you make deferred publications and collect statistics. Moreover, you can edit photos in the main menu and add various graphic elements. Now you don’t have to pre-edit photos for each social network.


Every company needs to understand customer needs and be aware of potential social media stars. Audiense allows you to see how effective your strategy is and how people are involved. Besides, you can track the most active subscribers whose opinion is important to other Internet users. This allows you to address the needs of a specific segment of people and improve your marketing strategy.


Many people think that Pinterest is not an important platform for promoting a business. But this is a wrong opinion. You can attract new customers and buyers by posting relevant content and interacting with your audience. Tailwind helps you track other people, audience engagement, and the overall statistics. You will be able to see the prospects for driving traffic and conveniently manage your account.


There are many people whose opinion is important on the Internet. With BuzzSumo, you can track how your audience is reacting to what influencers say. Statistics will help you adjust your SMM strategy and find the right words to attract new customers.

Now nothing will prevent you from changing the format of product promotion and focusing only on relevant data. Plus, you’ll love the user-friendly interface and ease of use. Plus, you’ll be able to determine which media content is best for engaging new customers. Besides, you can combine data from various social networks to keep abreast of all current events.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few digital tools that can help any SMM manager. Special programs, extensions, and websites help organize publications, edit media content and get up-to-date statistics. Many programs can simplify your interaction with your audience. Now you don’t need to switch between hundreds of tabs in your browser. With just a few clicks, you’ll see influencers, competitors, and top-rated posts. Now marketing campaigns can be launched with detailed data and the ability to predict audience reaction.

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