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Using Videos For Your Business

by | Oct 8, 2013 | Articles, Freelancing | 0 comments

Using Videos For Your Business

Every Business who’s any business these days has a website. Usually all you have to do is Google their company name and they will pop up in the results and you can find products and any other information you might want to know. Standing out from the competition is tough, because everyone seems to streamlining their look in order to keep up with the latest trends. I am constantly being bombarded on Twitter and Facebook to like and retweet other businesses and their products. One of the best ways for your business to stand out is to use quality videos to promote your products or services. Below are a few ways that video stands out from the competition:

It is More Personal

When you hear a voice speak to you, you tend to make a much easier connection, especially if that voice is pleasant and easy to understand.

It is Quicker and Easier

What would you rather do? Would you rather take 20 minutes to read a lot of sales copy, or would you rather take 2-3 minutes to watch a quick promo video? Most people are lazy and would rather watch the video because it is quicker and less work.

Video Makes More of an Emotional Connection

It is possible to make a connection with text and the right images, but think about how video can connect emotionally in a much stronger way. Through the voice of the speaker, or the the music, you can convey excitement, sadness, urgency, or any other type of emotion a lot more convincingly than you can with text and images.

You Can Show A Lot More Content and Info With Video

What you can do with 20 images, you can do ten times over with a short video. You can demonstrate how a product is easy, why your services are important to your potential client, or how your services can solve your clients problems. Videos open the door to more demonstration, and can better lead visitors into inquiring for more information.

Videos Convert 63.5% Better Than Anything Else

When it comes right down to it, it’s all about conversions. When placed on landing pages, videos have shown to increase conversion rates up to 63.5% over just text and images. The proof is in the numbers.

But Videos are Expensive to Make

For the most part, I agree with you. But, if you can pick up all the videos that you want for free for a week, that will meet any budget. That’s where Video Blocks comes in. Video Blocks has a huge library of stock videos, where you’ll be able to find tons of quality videos for your business. They have a great deal going on right now where you get a week of free downloads. You can’t beat free!

But What If I Need to Edit a Video?

A lot of people will say that they don’t have video editing software. While I understand this type of objection, there are cost effective ways around this. For example, there are tons of video editing services available on, who will edit your video for a reasonable price. If you could pick up a ton of great video clips for your business for free, and then have someone edit them for around $5 – $10 each, that is an amazing deal. The money you’ll make in new sales should be more than worth it.

Don’t Miss Out!

Video Blocks is an awesome deal, even when paying for the service, but picking up a week of free downloads is incredible. You’ll be acquiring extremely valuable selling tools for your business, and you won’t be breaking the bank. Just click the link below for your free trial.

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CreativeBeacon Readers,

To create awareness for Video Blocks, they are giving away 7 days of complimentary access to download anything you want from over 100,000 clips of video, motion backgrounds, production music and more:

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Start Downloading

Just create a username and password, and you get download access to everything on Video Blocks for 7 days. You can download 20 clips per day.

Video Blocks is only giving this complimentary access to a limited number of users, so start downloading now:

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