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Where Did Sexy Go in This Armani Black Code Commercial?

by | Dec 19, 2010 | Articles | 0 comments

Normally, when I think of Giorgio Armani, I think of mystique, sexy, romantic, masculine, etc. Most people think of these things when they think of Armani. They make amazing suits and are considered as fashion gods. Normally, they really hit the nail on the head regarding their commercials. You are usually transported to a magical setting where an amazingly attractive couple are intertwined, or a man and a woman are intimately close. You can feel the connection and the passion, and the romance is overwhelmingly evident. I love their commercials, as they are usually exemplary in evoking powerful emotions.

With that being said, the other day I had the television on while I was doing things around the house, when I heard this strange scary music flooding my home. Beings a horror film fanatic, I rushed in to see what movie this song went along with. That is when I saw this commercial. I was shocked, because the mystique and the passion were not there, and what is worse is that I felt like the male was up to no good. The whole commercial didn’t feel sexy or seductive, it gave me the impression that he was going to murder her. The woman looked uneasy, like she was ashamed or wasn’t comfortable with his advances. The entire ad left me with an uneasy feeling. My reaction was simply “That was an Armani commercial? Are you serious?” I hope this isn’t a new trend that they are going to try to start. In my humble opinion, they should stick with sexiness and mystique.
Playing devil’s advocate, maybe Armani is simply trying to gain some attention, as it seems that some of their advertising seems to be a little cliche. It is fine to want to gain attention from new prospective customers, but scaring people to death isn’t the right direction for Giorgio Armani. Impressions are hard t take back, and when you think of a  scent or product that is supposed to be associated with making you more attractive to the opposite sex, Armani is going to want to appeal to sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy. They need to consider their branding and what they stand for as a company, their target market, and where they want to go. I don’t think Giorgio Armani wants to go down a road that will take them years and millions of dollars to return.

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