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If you’ve been dabbling with internet marketing for any amount of time, you’ve come across SEO as one of the components of a good marketing strategy. Maybe you’ve considered offering SEO services as your side-hustle yourself or on the flip side, maybe you’ve come across people saying why SEO is on its way out, because of it being too time-consuming, etc.

Here is why we think it’s still not only very much relevant, but it might be, the most important skill to acquire when doing any kind of marketing online.

The Google Slap Debate

Let’s just first get that out of the way. Many people dread SEO practices because of the proverbial slap by Google and occasional changing of algorithms which makes your sites rank according to your keywords.

Every now and then, many sites are ‘downgraded’ in terms of search rankings by Google. To be fair it is quite understandable to be skeptical, but if you look at it closely, you’ll find these are sites, which were NOT following guidelines and principles and deploying black-hat methods and ‘shortcuts’ to speed up the SEO process.

So if you are complying as well as keep yourself up-to-date with best practices in the SEO arena, and are staying as far as possible from shady backlinks, etc. you have nothing to worry about. Now more than ever, SEO is the most important groundwork required for all websites to stand a chance in the ever-changing and landscape of the first page of Google, Bing (and other search engines).

Why should you MASTER Search Engine Optimization

Well to start with, the numbers speak for themselves. Over 93% of all digital experiences, begin with the Search Engine and over 95% of all these searchers, click on the links in the first SERP.

Why wouldn’t you want to master this? Would you want to do it if we told you, on desktop machines, Search traffic converts 10 times better than social media? Because it does!

Whether you are working on your own start-up or a company, part of a marketing team or an agency, or maybe you are on your way to setting up your own online empire, SEO is not just the cornerstone, it may very well be the elevator to the top. Attracting the right clients, prospecting and targeting potential leads, or dominating search engine rankings for shopping, SEO has got you covered.

Dominating search rankings is easy when you have an SEO Sensei and a dojo to practice your art. does just that.


By now, it should be obvious that not mastering SEO skills is basically leaving money (read: customers, leads, profits) on the table. In the end, it comes down to this; whether you are ready to do everything it takes to appear on the first page of your search engine, or your competition is. The choice is if you ask us, it is pretty simple.