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Woo Free Website Template of the Week

More and more web designers are offering free website templates to promote their services. This can make competition between designers a little tough, but it also provides a wealth of excellent resources for designers to draw from. These resources can save us a lot of time, while avoiding reinventing the wheel on a day-to-day basis. This week, I am sharing the Woo free website template by Styleshout, which is a great one page template for designers. It is simple, but it’s well built, with a few extras that you’re sure to love. Sometimes it’s the small things that can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at the Woo free website template and why it made the cut.

Woo free website template - Header

Woo has a dark, bold header section. It  delivers a great message and gives you the opportunity to place a call to action to visitors immediately. Also, I love how the graphics slider in from the side. It’s a nice added touch. With the right graphics, you can really pack a punch as soon as the page loads.


The layout is simple, with alternating text and images. The little extra touch here is that when you hover over any of the images, there is a nice zoom effect that calls extra attention to each image.

Woo free website template - pricing tables

The Woo free website template comes with pre-built pricing tables, too. This makes it perfect for a landing page where you offer different levels of service. Imagine offering packages to your clients that they can choose from, depending on their needs and their funds. This takes the guess work out of finding out what your clients are looking for.

Woo free website template - portfolio

The portfolio section is a block grid, which looks great without any spacing between the images. Your work will look great, and visitors can click on the image to find out more about that particular project.


What would Woo be without a testimonials section? More and more websites are displaying this feature by default. It’s a good idea, because anything you can do to build trust with clients is necessary in this digital age.

Woo free website template - footer

The footer area features a simple Mailchimp sign up form, as well as a section for your contact information. The entire website is simple, sleek and stylish. To download the Woo free website template, you can click the link below. You can also view a live preview to see it for yourself.

View Demo | Download