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Yolk Html5 Template

Creating an eye-catching online store is important to your business. You immediately have to build trust with visitors online, so that they are comfortable to make purchases on your side. Clean, sophisticated layout can mean the difference in a few sales and thousands of sales. The site should be easy to navigate, simple, and the layout should be intuitive. This weeks free HTML5 template, called Yolk, by W3 layouts is a great template that does all of these things. Yolk is responsive and it looks highly professional. The Yolk HTML5 template six seeds mainly because of its simplicity. There are a bunch of thrills and extras, you only have what you need. This follows Milton Glaser’s most famous quote “Just enough is more.” You can preview the Yolk HTML5 template below.

Yolk html5 template

The homepage features a large image slider simple call to action. This lets people know about new arrivals that your store they have, and gives them a button to click to find those new arrivals. This is great for your store, because you can constantly update people with new information about your products. You also have a featured products section where they can purchase right then and there. Brief information and contact information is featured at the bottom.

Yolk html5 template: Blog

The blog page has an interesting layout. It has a two column layout that features nice big featured images. What I like about this format is the author’s images featured in a circle in the bottom left hand corner of each post. This draws extra attention to the author which I think is very cool. Just like any other blog, there is an excerpt of the post with a button that leads to the full article.

Yolk html5 template: Contact

Yolk also features a contact form where you can be reached when someone needs to inquire about more information regarding your company. At the very bottom, you will find a live Google map.

Download The Yolk Html5 Template

Yolk is completely free, and you can download it by clicking the link below.

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