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Convert PDFs in Smartphones & Tablets

An increased number of people are getting used to mobile devices for processing digital documents since the users always have their smartphones and tablets with them. However, using different file formats for this digital documents processing is not a smart idea, where we can rely on only one format. I am talking about the famous PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF is the best choice for this as it is a steady file format that allows you to interpret the text and images as they are. There are plenty of apps that can be used to view PDF on your mobile devices but I will discuss converting these files into PDF on the device itself.

Convert PDFs

Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF converter is a free cross-platform app which allows you to convert MS Office documents into PDF documents. It will also allow you to convert PDF files to MS PowerPoint, MS word and MS excel in two simple steps. After the conversion you can easily find them in your local phone storage and can easily use them. This app will only work on iOS and android platforms.

File Converter

File converter is an app which will work on iOS, android and blackberry platforms and it will help you to convert most of your files. The conversion process will occur on a secure cloud and the converted files can be downloaded again on this app. This app supports file formats that include videos, documents, audio, images, archives and over 100 more file formats.


To PDF is a free app exclusively designed for iOS. It converts iWorks, MS Office documents, images, email, SMS, clipboard and even Dropbox contents to PDF format. Moreover, you can customize it with extra features to compose, organize and share PDF files.

IFiles Converter Lite

IFiles Converter Lite is another wonderful app designed for iOS which offers the liberty of converting any document to PDF on your phone. You can easily transfer files from online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage applications. This app supports file formats including MS Office documents, iWorks documents, HTML pages, pictures and text files.

DocAS Lite

DocAS Lite is a useful app which allows you to read, annotate, convert and handle PDF documents on your iOS interface. It has a built-in PDF converter which converts MS Office documents, iWorks document, HTML and text format to PDF.

Doc Scan

Doc Scan will allow you to convert your printed data documents into the PDF file format with your iPhone or iPad. To make it happen all you have to do is just take a picture of your hard copy documents, scan it using Doc Scan and convert the image according to your requirements.


DocToPDF helps you to convert doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf and txt file formats to PDF. After the conversion you can share to converted PDF documents via email or Bluetooth. The built-in PDF viewer enables you to view the converted documents. This app works on the android platform.

Office Converter

The name of this app just says it all. This app can convert MS Office documents on your android phone. It will convert word, excel and PowerPoint file formats into PDF. You can also add passwords to your converted documents for safety purpose. The only drawback is it needs an internet connection for the conversion as it will be done in online mode.

Web to PDF

Web to PDF is an android supported add-on feature for the dolphin browser which helps you to convert the web pages into PDF file formats. This makes it more convenient to save data from the web pages you need. You just copy it and convert it.

Ultimate PDF Converter

PDF Converter converts any type of documents into PDF file format. The conversion process is quite simple. It is done on a server and the converted PDF documents are saved on your phone’s hard drive. This app will only work on android platform.

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