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Free Payment Icons

We love to create great websites for our clients, and part of that is creating a create user interface for their site. This is the truth on anything from a basic site, all the way to an e-commerce site. Anything that we can do to save time and increase productivity is a plus. One common need for any website that accepts payments is to have icons on display for the acceptable forms of payment. While we could whip out the pen tool and create our own from scratch, that just isn’t feasible for every project. If you bill by the hour, no one is going to accept a bill from you with an extra hour or two on it for recreating logos. Why reinvent the wheel? The free Psd file this week saves the day with free payment icons. These icons are standard payment forms that are accepted on most sites. Below, you can see a preview of the payment icons that you may download for free.

Payment icons

These payment icons may look basic, but they are very well done. They are available in native Psd format, PNG and EPS. This is great, because you can place them as they are, or you can drop them into Photoshop or Illustrator and style them as you please. This set offers a lot of flexibility. These payment icons are available in 3 different sizes: 64 x 64 pixels, 48 x 48 pixels, and 24 x 24 pixels. Being that they are available in EPS format, they can be scaled to any size that you need, without losing quality.

Download These Free Payment Icons

You can do a lot with these free payment icons. They are simple, leaving the colors and styling options up to you. They come in 3 separate formats for maximum flexibility, and they are completely free. To download these free payment icons, click the green button below to be taken to the download page.