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11 Infographics That Prove They Are Still Great for Content Marketing

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Articles, Design, Inspiration | 1 comment

The infographic has taken some stick this past year. This is due to the simple fact that they have been over-produced without an adherence to high quality standards. However, when done right, an infographic that informs, engages and entertains is still a valuable content marketing tool.

Keeping this in mind, take a good look at these 11 examples of awesome infographics. Graphic designers we salute you! Your work proves the infographic as a medium is a long way from being redundant and that companies can reap great benefits by commissioning a high quality infographic from professional creatives.

Get Your Motor Running…


This great infographic by Jacob O’Neal demonstrates the inner workings of a car engine using precision animated diagrams. A true delight for motorheads, the sheer attention to detail is to be admired and what is quite complex information is visualized clearly and in an engaging style.

An Inconvenient Truth


Now this is an exemplary infographic. Why? Because Stanford Kay’s infographic takes extremely complex data on the global carbon footprint and renders it instantly understandable and digestible through its wonderful style of visualisation. It’s a fantastic infographic that conveys some worrying statistics.

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind


Animation can really make an infographic stand out. This brilliant example by Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg uses the visualization of data on the wind currents across the US to create a stirring maelstrom of sweeping tracings that are truly beautiful.

SOS Social Media


Social media has been utilized to do many things, but could anyone have foreseen how vital it would become as a disaster response tool? This extremely interesting infographic by the University of San Francisco Online MPA gives an insightful overview of how social media helped in the response to some of the worst natural disasters in recent years.

Life is Tweet


One of the giants of social media, Twitter recently filed an IPO, so if you have the cash you can soon have more than just an account with them. This well-designed infographic by Dashburst gives us the full picture of the State of Twitter in 2013 and reminds us all how large social media looms in our lives.

Dive Deep into Your Dreamscape


What if you could control your dreams? Well, according to this excellent infographic, there is a form named “lucid dreaming”, which enables you to do just that. I’m going to get my head down and try to sleep my way back to the dream in which I save the world from Martians to win Jennifer Lawrence’s hand in marriage. That was a good one.

Inceptiongraphic: Christopher Nolan’s Convolution Mapped


Staying in dreams, was your head turned inside out by Christopher Nolan’s fantastic thriller Inception? Want a clear visualization of the different dream levels the characters drift through during their adventures? Then check out this brilliant (and helpful!) infographic by Rick Slusher.

One Ring to Rule Them All


Now this is impressive. Emil Johansson of the LOTRPROJECT has created this stunning timeline of The One Ring, charting its numerous carriers throughout J.R.R. Tolkien’s much-loved fictional universe of The Lord of the Rings. It’s a marvellously accurate infographic that even Gandalf would be proud of.

How Will We Watch Re-runs in the Future?


Tech continues to evolve at an incredible pace. This visually arresting infographic takes a far-gazing look into the future to see how we will be watching TV in our technology-enhanced living rooms in the future. Will we soon have Phil Mitchell-holograms haranguing us as we watch? Let’s hope not.

If You Haven’t Got Your Health…


Now while watching TV can be fun with the right show on, it isn’t particularly healthy when done to excess. This infographic by WellnessFX gives some solid tips to follow towards boosting your health and wellbeing. Don’t read it while eating chocolate, you’ll feel guilty.

Between the Biro and the Brain


How does writing affect the brain? In some very interesting ways, as this infographic shows. Hopefully this piece of writing and these infographics have planted the idea in your head that the medium remains a strong and useful content marketing tool.

About the author:Written by Nathan Francis on behalf of Ninja Creative.
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