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Training Drills For Webmasters And SEOs

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Articles, Design, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Training Drills For Webmasters And SEOs

If you were a football player, then you would spend a great deal of time practicing plays and passes. If you were a musician then you would sit for hours at the piano improving your ability to play music. And if you were a bodybuilder then half your life would be spent in the gym.

But you are none of those things. You, my friend, are a webmaster – and that’s just as much of a skill as any of those. Sure, it’s may not be quite so entertaining to watch, or quite so dramatic, but it’s still a skill and David Beckham would probably have a hard time doing what you do, just as you would struggle at his job.

As a skill, webmastery is something that you need to practice in the same way and improve at. But how do you ‘train’ for sitting at a computer? Read on to find out and to take your game to the next level. It’s time for the big leagues…



As a webmaster or blogger, your work is going to involve a lot of typing. You will be writing articles for your own site of course, but meanwhile you’ll also be writing articles to peddle as guest posts and you’ll be writing e-mails, forum posts and more. The faster and more accurately you can do this, the better you’ll be at doing your job fast. So spend some time practicing typing and making sure you are using all your fingers as you should. Maybe try playing ‘Typing of the Dead’ (yes, it exists), or just improving your hand span and flexibility. Touch typing is particularly useful, so try looking away from the laptop occasionally.


Writing is a fine art and making articles that are engaging and entertaining in such high volume truly is a skill. The problem is, that as we churn them out it’s all to easy to start falling into ugly habits and start using the same phrases over and over again etc. There are a number of ways to get around this problem and to improve the quality of your work. One is to practice sometimes just writing for fun and for yourself. Another is to get someone to give you critical feedback occasionally (you can even attend a seminar or class). Finally, make sure you read a lot and that way you’ll pick up better habits from the writers that you admire.


If you run a website in a specific niche then you’ll have to write on that topic day in and day out. Your ability to do this is going to largely depend on your knowledge of the subject, and the more you know the more you’ll be able to tie in extra information. Sometimes the best ‘training’ you can do for your site is just to read around the topic and surf the other sites.



Knowing how to code is of great use to webmasters. If you can learn Javascript and PHP then you’ll be able to add more features to your site, speed it up and generally have a better understanding of the industry.

To improve in coding, try setting yourself challenges and working on them. The best way to pick up more coding knowledge is to try making something you want to create, and then learn as you go and as you find need for additional skills.

Today’s author, Keith Terrell, is the owner of Orp Media which is an agency that offers internet advertising and marketing services. It also specializes in handling notices of detected unnatural links. He is very fond of learning and exploring various marketing techniques and software.

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