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Horus Responsive Html5 Template

by | Oct 2, 2013 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 1 comment

Horus Responsive Html5 Template

Each week I showcase what I find from around the web, and I feature different freebies here on Creative Beacon. The free html5 template of the week is Horus. The Horus Responsive Html5 Template is free to download and has a lot of nice features. Take a clean, responsive layout and mix it with good structure and subtle background textures and you have Horus. The Horus Responsive Html5 Template was created by Imon Themes, who creates html templates and WordPress themes. You can preview the Horus Responsive Html5 Template via the screenshots below.

Horus Responsive HTML5 Template slider

The main slider images are big and bold, and the 5 content blocks underneath hint at what your visitors will find. They entice your users to click and explore. The top menu bar stands out from the dark background and the diagonal pattern adds an element of texture to the header and footer of the site. The social media icons stand out against the dark background, and when you click the search field, the search bar expands, giving you more room to type.

Horus Responsive HTML5 Template callout

The content sections of the site are set up in thirds and fourths columns. With a mix of images and icons, the layout has a diverse look and feel.Horus Responsive HTML5 Template posts

The footer is well organized, with an about us section and more social links are included, to give visitors one last chance to promote or bookmark your site. The Horus Responsive Html5 Template comes with a working contact form and you can place important links in the footer.

Horus Responsive HTML5 Template footer

Download the Horus Responsive Html5 Template

Overall, Horus is a nice template, with all of the features you’ll need to create a good site for your business. Imon Themes has made this template free, so all you have to do is click the green button below to be taken to their download page. What will you use Horus for? If you download their template, be sure to give them a like or a tweet for their hard work.



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