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15 Tips that Lead to Attractive and Engaging Websites

Nowadays, the number of websites out there has reached more than 1.7 Billion and counting. With such a great number of websites, such a great variety, it’s getting hard, if not extremely hard to stand out of the crowd. Even though this number is gigantic and it might seem impossible for yours to succeed, companies such as EssayEdge highlight the fact that it’s only a matter of ingenuity and consistency to make sure you stand out of the crowd.“ Now that we know what the qualities needed for your website to succeed, let’s take a more practical approach and go through 15 aspects that you should consider when creating or rejuvenating your website.

Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of the entire internet traffic is generated by mobile devices and if you are targeting the young audience, that number skyrockets.
If you are the one building or redesigning the website or you have a tech guy, create an assignment that states the mobile-first approach. First, make the styling for the mobile devices then expand it to the desktop ones. In terms of CSS, it’s just a matter of adding more media queries to define the styling for each screen size.

Dynamic Content – Thumbnails, GIFs, Videos

The era of static content, such as images or plain text, it’s long gone, my friend. It’s very important that you make your content as engaging as possible.
Companies such as Edubirdie Review recommend that the first and most relevant image on your website, the one that every visitor sees first, could be easily replaced by a GIF or a short description video. Measure your image performance using a heatmap, then replace it with a GIF or video and compare them with the initial results.

Most Relevant & Popular Information up Top

Paper Writing Services recommend the following structure for your main page: Thumbnail or short video, brief company description, portfolio, and a preview of your most popular blog posts.
If you follow this structure, you will always make sure that the most relevant and popular information is the most accessible to your audience.

Interactive Navigation Bar

Following the dynamic over static content approach, you should also reconsider adding interactive elements all over your website. The navigation bar is a very good place to start because is one of the most ‘touched’ elements on a website. Dynamic content and consistency are the words you should focus on. If you run out of ideas, you can get some help with the assignment.

Keep it as Short as Possible

Compelling, but short, rather than long and dull. Writing 3.000+ words articles on your blog posts will make your customers fall asleep while reading them. Instead, you could incorporate that information in an infographic or short video. Dynamic and engaging over static and dull, remember? If you don’t have the needed resources inside your company, you can always ask for help from a specialized essay writing service.

Constantly Update the Website

Even though you might have a very attractive website, not updating it often enough won’t make your audience get back. According to experts, you should update your website at least once a month, but a weekly update is recommended. Make sure you have the needed content for your website and make sure you deliver it constantly.

Consistent Branding

Branding is a vital part of your website because it helps your customers have a relevant view of your company. They will be able to identify you and differentiate your company from your competitors. Make sure you have a branding manual and you should also need to make sure your website developer always respects it.

Visual Content for the Win

As we already said, visual content, such as images, videos, and GIFs should replace dull paragraphs of text. An assignment writing service can help you transform large pieces of text into user-friendly visual content.

Long Term Content Strategy

It’s very important that you deliver content to your audience on a regular basis. For this, you need to have a clear view of the long term content strategy of your company. Instant assignment help is needed to create a 3-month content strategy that will help you deliver information constantly to your audience.

Add the CTAs in Relevant Places

Your readers will act mostly on calls-to-action rather than regular content. That’s why your day-to-day content should intertwine with the witty CTAs which will help you convert more and will increase your overall conversion rate. Also, it will reduce marketing costs.

Get Feedback From Customers

Every update on your website should be backed by customer feedback because, after all, you make these updates in order to get their attention and make them come back over and over again. It’s better to ask for someone’s favorite food, rather than try to guess it.

Use Analytics to Measure Performance

Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and heatmaps can help you identify trends in your industry and the effectiveness of your campaigns. Make sure you use them and analyze them constantly. They might be the difference between effective marketing campaigns and failures.

Promote Your Events on Your Website and Vice Versa

Especially if you are in a B2B niche, company events are the most appropriate method of converting customers, make sure you promote them on your website also.
‘More importantly, during these events, you should tell your customers that your company’s website is a very important information source. They can get exhaustive information about your services and products from your website’ — says Dan Rice, the customer manager at the HR software.

Social Media Integration

Social media has become more than a place where people exchange ideas, it has become a place where companies can communicate with their customers where they can get closer to them. Make sure your customers know about your social media presence and integrate the main platform on your website. The footer would be a good place to integrate them.

Interactive Map to Highlight Your Location

Your potential customers should be fully aware of your location, for that you should first add your business to Google Maps, then you should implement the map into your website. For example, the Contact page would be a good place for you to integrate it.

In today’s digital era, a company’s website is its main business card. It’s the first thing your customers interact with when reaching your company. Next time you want to redesign your website or you wants to build it, make sure you keep these 15 tips in mind.