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SEO Bloopers That Could Sabotage Your Business in 2020

SEO is integral to the success of your brand in 2020. Google seemed to have become the chief source of critical referral traffic since 2017 by accounting for 35 percent of the website visits. By utilizing search engine optimization, you could boost your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page and achieve top rankings. You must optimize your site because the topmost search result would be getting the maximum clicks as compared to the rest. As per, whether you seem to be concentrating on social media, content marketing, PPC, or PR, search engine optimization is the way to go and it is certainly going to be one of the choicest and most effective stratagems in your digital marketing toolbox.

However, search engine optimization is not an easy process and has its challenges. You must avoid all SEO mistakes so that your business could grow consistently and become a successful brand in 2020. Avoid these SEO mistakes so that you do not end up hurting your reputation in the future. Here are some of the SEO bloopers that could sabotage your business in the upcoming year.

Blooper: Not Having a Clear Idea of Search Intent

While you may create useful content if that is not well-targeted, searchers who can discover your website may not consider it as useful. After identifying your precise target audience, it is of pivotal importance to know the search intent otherwise; all your SEO efforts would go to total waste. Search intent is nothing but the actual intent of the searcher behind each search. Your content and website must cater to specific search intent by providing a precise solution. That is predominantly the reason why it is critical to know and understand clearly what the searcher seems to be looking for.

You must understand what thoughts are going on in his mind while searching for something. Your site should provide the perfect answer to his thought. For instance, if a user types SEO on Google, it implies that he wishes to know what exactly SEO is. However, when the user searches SEO providers then he must be looking for an SEO specialist or an SEO company. So suppose you are targeting precisely the keyword ‘SEO providers’ but want to explain ‘what is SEO?’ you simply cannot obtain success with that sort of content as you cannot satisfy the specific intent behind that particular search phrase. You may seek expert guidance from the best SEO Company for prompt services and perfect solutions.

Blooper: Old-Fashioned & Conventional SEO Techniques

Internet is constantly changing and so is the SEO landscape which is a truly dynamic one. You need to keep pace with the latest developments if you wish to find a place at the top of the SERP. You must stay abreast of the latest changes and execute advanced SEO techniques. If you keep implementing old-fashioned conventional SEO tactics, Google may be compelled to penalize you. Keyword stuffing is no longer an effective way of securing a top SERP ranking for your website.

Currently, Google is much smarter as compared to earlier times. It can rank for all those keywords that haven’t been mentioned by you in your content. Recently, Google came up with an algorithmic update known as the Google BERT. We understand that BERT proves to be helpful to Google for better understanding the user-queries and the content.

If you are looking for success by optimizing your website’s SEO, then in such a case, you must consider adopting and implementing modern SEO stratagems. Remember old-fashioned or conventional SEO techniques may not prove fruitful in outranking your competitors.

Blooper: Not Staying Updated

As discussed above search engine optimization seems to be a dynamic landscape and it is essential to stay updated and abreast of all the latest SEO developments. This is of utmost importance as Google is in the habit of releasing new updates from time to time.

Once you fail to update your website as per a major update, your site might get penalized or adversely impacted and you may eventually lose out on critical web traffic. Always stay abreast of the latest Google updates including all the broad core updates such as Google BERT, 3rd June Core Update, and many such Google Updates.

Blooper: Not Yet Mobile-Ready

Remember almost 50 percent of all web traffic would be coming from mobiles. Your website must by now switch to a more mobile-oriented version. In the event, your website doesn’t seem to be prepared for mobiles. It would be automatically regarded as unfriendly from the perspective of its searchers. Make sure that you have come up with a responsive website and designed it especially for mobiles. When you can tap into the specialized mobile traffic, you could boost your brand’s visibility. Page loading speed and mobile-friendliness are regarded as important ranking factors. Hence, you need to focus on generating a mobile-friendly site if you want your business to grow and prosper online.

Blooper: You Are Unsure of Your SEO Aspirations & Goals

As a digital marketer, it is necessary to have certain clear-cut and well-defined search engine goals and objectives before venturing out. If you cannot understand what you wish to accomplish from performing your Web SEO, you would never achieve any progress or gain any traction. The key to SEO success is to chalk out an effective SEO stratagem as per your desire. Avoid a random strategy as that would get you nowhere.

Search engines are similar to Google and are an effective medium for obtaining new customers consistently. Nobody knows precisely when Google would be penalizing a website and lower its rankings. However, when you have a preference for your customers, then your customers may consider promoting you and even Google would be delighted with you and assign a higher ranking. It is a good idea to keep all your customers happy with your unique products and services.


Now that you are aware of the bloopers that could ruin your business, you must take a concrete step towards avoiding those glaring mistakes in the upcoming year. You must focus on using the latest SEO tactics to stay well ahead of your competitors on the SERP.