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20 Best Selling Sport WordPress Themes

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Articles, Web Design, Wordpress | 0 comments

When it comes to sport, all the secret lies in motivation, the impetus that makes you move your body for achieving the best result possible both for your physical and psychological health. However, gym enthusiasts need raw power and energy to keep their bodies rocking and set up for new challenges. Moreover, motivation often comes through visualization of a desired outcome: strong muscles, well-shaped body, agility, flexibility and stamina. To learn more about motivation and what hides behind it, you can read this great psychology-rooted article.

If you want to launch a successful sports website, it should be a point of motivation for all, who want to go for sports. In addition, motivating images of visible muscles and well-shaped abs, appropriate color scheme and well-thought layout are often the keys to success. Undoubtedly, the website should incorporate all the advances in modern webdesign, as its smooth functioning and reach functionality are the signals of how much invested you’re in what you do.

For a successful sports website you need a sound base of clear and well-structured code, an appealing website layout and extended blog functionality to tell the world about what you do. On top of this, you need a rich base for media integration and plugins that make the life of your clients simpler. For example, plugins for creating online schedules and for booking appointments online. Moreover, a modern sports website lets you winningly present the achievements and qualifications of your trainers, uncover the life of your club, present informative content in an interactive way, share pieces of your day-to-day life from social networks and much more.

Dreaming of a perfect website, you may be hindered by the cost you need to pay for a custom design. Moreover, the prices are very high and may frighten you away immediately. Making a lame free website yourself also does not sound like a great option. You’ll end up with a website of poor functionality, something like a casual blog, that comes with the labels of free software that let you create it. The optimal choice in this case is finding a golden middle of over-investing and under-investing into your website. However, this option lies in purchasing a professional modern website template and customizing it to your needs.

There are many templates on the Internet that target sports. You should be a wise one and select a template of rich functionality that is highly customizable and creates a sound base for implementing your vision of an ideal sports website. You can check some of such templates here. These templates serve for all the diversity of the world of sports. With the help of them, you can create websites for golf courses, yacht clubs, soccer teams, fitness centers, tennis courts, martial arts, biking, skateboarding, auto racing, basketball, horse riding, bodybuilding, yoga, football, baseball and many other sports. All these templates are designed by the professional team of TemplateMonster, who are highly invested on their work. Just think for a moment: creation of one template takes a team of 5 – 6 code experts, 3D artists, illustrators and designers a week of work to handcraft a template.

The following templates incorporate all the functionality of a modern website and are easy to customize as they run on WordPress CMS (Content Management system) that is the most popular and comprehensible CMS in the world. Furthermore, there are truly multiple reasons for choosing a WordPress based template. Firstly, WordPress is the most simple and user-friendly CMS for running a website. Its dashboard is intuitive and has all you need. Moreover, search engines such as Google love WordPress because it uses well-written code. In addition to this, this CMS is extremely flexible: if you need something specific that is not there by default, you can install one of the thousands of plugins available on the Internet.

So, the key to your website success is a modern WordPress based template that be adjusted to your needs with ease. You end up with a website that has the quality of custom-design websites and spend way less for this. Moreover, you have a chance to shape the styles of your website yourself, thus, relating your unique vision to the audience.

If you are ready, uncover these 20 great sport and fitness website templates that motivate people to make changes in their lives.

Martial Arts Club WordPress Template

MMA WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This martial arts template is a perfect basis for a sport project. Its dark color scheme is full of energy and power and makes the imagery of the website stand out more vividly. Courses section looks clear and appealing thanks to the Timetable plugin that lets you create schedules for multiple events.

Calmness of Mind and Soul: Yoga WordPress Website

Yoga WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This white and clean website breathes of inner calm and relaxation. Although it is by no way intrusive, your call-to-action buttons won’t be left out of attention thanks to their glossy gradient. Moreover, the template showcases your contact information on top to let more customers get in touch with you right after they get to your website.

Gym-Power: Fitness Responsive Website Template

Gym Fitness Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Dark shades of this template reflect upon the working atmosphere of your place: there is no place for hanging around and pretending as the staff will ensure that you do your best. However, this theme lets you boast of the achievements and qualifications of your trainers, uncover the day-to-day life of your club, feature images from social networks and provide a handy Google map.

Breathtaking Speed: Bikers WordPress Theme

Bikers WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template is great for a bike news portal. Additionally, the contents of the template are informative with a minimum amount of text thanks to a well-structured layout. Banners with eye-catching captions make the navigation of your website simple and intuitive.

New Colors to Life: Zumba Studio WordPress Theme

Sports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template has an upbeat vibe that tunes for flux of positive emotions derived from moving. In addition, it comes with a Power Page Builder that frees you from editing the code of the template and allows you to design diverse page layouts with simple drag-and-drop.

All the News in World of Sport: WordPress Design for Sports News Portal

Sports News WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This dark-colored template let you center you visitors’ attention on contents and images. The template is built with Bootstrap and provides for a clear layout on all devices from smartphones to PCs. This theme is MailChimp ready and you’ll be able to set up newsletter subscription for your website guests with ease. Moreover, the rich set of Social options lets site visitors follow you in Social networks.

Fitnesys – New Word in the World of Fitness Blogs WordPress Website

Fitnesys - Fitness Blog GPL WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This premium Retina-ready template comes with all the tools to make the website easy to customize. Moreover, it comes with a Live Customizer that allows you see the changes that you make to the website life, without reloading the site. The template offers you multiple layout options. With them, you can go beyond the standard website structure and build something unique by just using drag-and-drop.

WildRide – All about Bikes Responsive WordPress Site

WildRide Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WildRide WordPress Template is a 100% GPL WordPress template for those with daring ambitions. Also, it’s designed for a blog about bikes and bikesport, but it’s also a great match for sport templates of any other kind. Moreover, advanced Theme Options and Social Media widgets let you effectively change the way your website contents are displayed and strengthen your online presence.

To learn more about the functionality of this template, you can watch this informative video-presentation:

Hockey WordPress Template

Hockey WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template features diagonal design with clean minimalist layout and Parallax background images. Additionally, the homepage of the template is a roadmap to the website. It features such sections as Our Team, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials, Contacts, etc. Also, the theme is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Be Fit for your Beauty: Fitness Center WordPress Theme

fitness WordPress theme

Details | Demo

This theme is ideal for any fitness and wellness club that targets women. Due to the responsive and retina-ready design, your website will look great on high-resolution desktops, as well as on narrow Retina screens where every pixel matters. Moreover, the theme has a built in drag-and-drop Page Builder, multiple layout options, content modules that let you add the media of different types directly to your pages.

Team Spirit: Cheerleading WordPress Site Design

Cheerleading WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This Monstroid template comes with rich functionality that you can use out of the box. Moreover, the theme is visually appealing thanks to high-resolution images, stylish polygonal backgrounds, counters, and red color accents. Navigating your website is simple and intuitive due to incorporation of MegaMenu that allows including not only pages, but also widgets, categories and featured posts.

Time for Transformation: Fitness Responsive WordPress Template

Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Let your website become a launching pad for a true fitness passion of many! However, this great fitness club website design is ideal for this purpose. Color palette of back, red and white will inspire the guests of your website to start the hard work under the best guidance of your trainers. Furthermore, a large frontpage slider, displaying what can be achieved and highlighting that no one has a right to procrastinate, is great for making people hurry up to the gym. Moreover, the template is perfectly structured and lays handy all the information that your website guests may need.

VolleyFit: Beach Volleyball WordPress Website

Volleyball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This lively and energetic theme is luring your website guests to come out for their health and join a volleyball club. Additionally, the lightweight template loads quickly thanks to LazyLoad effect, incorporated into the website. VolleyFit theme is WPML ready. This means that you can translate the website into as many languages as you need with the help of the WPML plugin, the best plugin out there for translating WordPress websites.

Catch the Rhythm: Dance School WordPress Site Design

Dance School WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple and intuitive, this template is easy to navigate and find all the information visitors may need. In addition, the template has a powerful multimedia base. You can enrich your website contents with inspiring videos, enchanting galleries and playlists that play in your studio. Moreover, the template features rich social integration and has such widgets as Facebook Like Box, Instagram Board and Twitter Feed pre-built.

Play Hard: Basketball WordPress Template

Basketball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template is a harbor of the game spirit. However, it comes with a wide array of features that let you easily customize the template. Moreover, 80+ shortcodes will become your snapshots to creating contents of different types, such as tabs, tables, countdowns, audio and video posts, etc.

Fight to Win: Boxing Responsive WordPress Site Design

Boxing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fight to Win template design is specifically created for a goal-centered boxing club that raises true fighters in its attendees. Also, the monochrome color palette of the website emphasizes the importance of staying focused upon your goal. Furthermore, the template is well-documented and you won’t encounter any issues when customizing it.

Baseball Bestseller Responsive WordPress Template

Baseball Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The greatness of this template comes from the organic use of Parallax and LazyLoad effects. Thanks to the latter, website Home Page loads in a moment of an eye, and its contents slide in from the sides as site guest scrolls down. Moreover, the theme is rich in iconic fonts that help you make your website more informative with less text.

Your Pointbreak: Surfing Responsive WordPress Website

Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Riding the wave has a lot of power of a dream behind it. Let the visitors feel that they are on their way to waves by using great imagery that comes with this template. Moreover, the images of the theme are displayed with the help of Parallax and LazyLoad effects. The Home Page fullscreen slider is great for showcasing the most inspiring of them. On the Gallery page, you can share glimpses of the experience that your clients get with you.

Premium Surfing Club WordPress Site

Extreme Sports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This California-inspired template breathes of fresh seaside air and dreams of attractive surfers. In addition, it is fully responsive and its flexible grid adapts to all screen resolutions. A stunning responsive slider can be created with the help of Image Swoop slider that lets you highlight your best services and products.

Power of the Ocean: Extreme Sport WordPress Design

Extreme Sport WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This design will be a best fit for extreme sports websites. A widgetized homepage of the template gives a snapshot of what you do and invites to explore the new chances you offer. In addition to the top menu, the template features a right sidebar menu that allows your clients easily find exactly what they need.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of bestseller templates dedicated to sport and fitness. And I’m sure you found some of them a good fit for you. If this is the case, learn more about the template you like, in the Details section of the template page and check its Live Demo.

Once you’re done with your choice and purchase, what is left is to install and customize the template. Installing it is not a great deal of trouble. For this, you need a sound modern server and a domain name. Then, you run the installation and fill in all the details. Once the template is installed, it’ll look exactly as the Live Demo. Then, enjoy your freedom if editing the template in the admin panel!

Here, I’ve got a great video tutorial for you that will help you get started:

I’m exited, when I think about the fact that you will inspire many people go for sports with these templates. Motion is our health and energy, and I wish you spread this energy around the world and become a happy owner of high-converting website!

Stay tuned!


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