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Places to go for Creative Inspiration #9

X-RITE With this site, you take a color test to see if you are as good with color as you think you are. This site goes off the notion that a large number of people have color deficiencies. RECAVE This is a cool blog about all types of interesting artworks, including...

Quiktip: Paths & Selections

You can easily make a path a selection, and make a selection a path. You have a lot of flexibility, because you can also make a mask a selection, which you can make into a path, or you can Command-click (ctrl-click on the PC) a layer with an object isolated on it, and...

Quiktip: Have The Masks Panel

The masks panel is a big help, because you can easily edit and refine your masks via a handy panel. From the masks panel, you can define the density of your mask, which is very handy. Instead of having a black and white mask, the density setting lessens the affect, as...