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FlatIcon: An Incredible Plugin From FreePik

Freepik’s team launched a new project, Flaticon, a huge database with thousands of high-quality vector icons. They have also developed a new plugin for Photoshop , which lets users access their database without leaving the work environment. Flaticon was born to become...

Create a Burst Effect in Photoshop

Video: Burst Effect in Photoshop It’s funny how a simple little trick can take all of the tedious work out of a given task. Little tricks and menus can save you tons of time, but it just takes finding the right combination of filters, effects, and menus to...

3 Awesome Vector Icon Sets

Free Vector Icon Sets Everyone loves vector icon sets. To have a huge collection of icons that are consistent and that look great really helps you out. You can use them for a variety of purposes, such as for websites and apps. If they are vector, then you can bring...