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What You Need To Know About Facebook Advertising Strategy

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Articles, Design | 1 comment

What You Need To Know About Facebook Advertising Strategy

What is a Facebook advertising strategy?

Any advertising campaign is based on a strategy and, it is no different when it comes to Facebook advertising campaigns. A campaign will be successful only if there is a good strategy behind it. For a Facebook advertising campaign to give you the desired results, it should be based upon a good Facebook advertising strategy. An advertising strategy will comprise of many aspects such as the type of product, the target customers, the competition and the history of the product. The only difference in a Facebook advertising strategy is that the advertising campaign will be customized to suit Facebook users. As the platform used for advertising is a social networking site, the strategy has to be one that will work on the platform.

What are the important traits a Facebook Ad should have?

A Facebook ad needs to have a few traits to make sure that it drives traffic to your site. Let us have a look at the few traits that a Facebook Ad should have to be successful.

  • As the Ad is going to be displayed on Facebook, it has to be attractive. A Facebook page will typically have many images. It is easy for an Ad to get lost among the images, so the image used in the Ad should be one that catches the eye.
  • Colors used in the Ad will have to be one that will attract attention. In a colorful environment, it is better to have odd colors that are not common, to get the attention required.
  • Catchy words that create a lot of interest are also an important trait for a Facebook Ad. If the phrases or words used to describe the product are unique, it is bound to be better.

What should a good Facebook advertising strategy do?

Like any advertising strategy, the main aim of any advertising is to create awareness about the product and to increase sales. Most of the products that are advertised on Facebook are related to shopping and a good lot of them are online shopping websites. Therefore, a good Facebook advertising strategy will make Facebook members click on the Ads displayed. This will bring Facebook users onto the online shopping site or the product site and induce people to buy the product. Even if people do not click on the Ads, the awareness of the brand and the product will increase. Therefore, a good advertising strategy should ideally do both of the above or at least one of them.

How do I know if my Facebook advertising strategy is working?

Any increase in page views or sales of your product during or after a Facebook advertising campaign can be a proof that your Facebook advertising strategy is working. To know the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign, you can check the various statistics available to you. One of the most important aspects of Facebook advertising is the data that Facebook provides to you about the performance of your Ad. It gives you detailed information on the people who have shown interest in your product. Demographic analysis, Analysis of the age, sex and the professional information of the people who have shown interest in your Ad, can be analyzed using the data. This allows you to analyze and identify if your advertising strategy is working and can help you in tweaking your Facebook advertising strategy if required.

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