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25 Best Mockup Templates For Your Design

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Articles, Design | 0 comments

Mockups are a basic necessity in all business sectors. They are basically prototypes or sample designs which are used for demonstration and testing different kinds of designs before finalizing on the best one. Appearance or look of the products is extremely important for capturing the attention of the prospective customers. Thus, mockups are used by designers for gathering opinion and reaction from their clients and making necessary changes before finalizing the designs.

Be it a the design or logo on a T shirt, design of business card, cover page of a magazine, package of a food product or any other product, the designers can use the mockup templates for presenting their design to the clients. This will help the clients to suggest alteration and make a wise choice. We have collected some of the best and most popular mock up templates for aiding the graphic artists and designers. The use of these templates will increase the productivity of the designers and they will be able to concentrate on their primary task. All these templates are in PSD format so it would not be difficult for the designers to integrate their creative design in the templates.

The twenty five Mockup templates listed in this write up are of different genres, starting from consumer products like wine and fire extinguishers to templates of books and magazines and many more. All these templates have been quality checked by us so you can download anyone of them and use it in your future projects. Enjoy and share with us the kind of mockup templates you would like in our future posts!!

1. Assorted Mockups


1. Fire Extinguisher

mockup templates

2. Psd Bifold Brochure Mock-Up Template

mockup templates 2

3. Psd Button Badge Pin Mock-Up

mockup templates 3

4. Psd Wine Bottle Mockup Templatemockup templates 4

5. Tshirt Mockup Template Psd

mockup templates 05

6. Book Template PSD

mockup templates 6

7. Design Studio Business Card

mockup templates 07

8. Psd Soda Can Mock-Up Template

mockup templates 08

9. 3 by 4 View iPhone 5 Psd Vector Mockup

mockup templates 09

10. Book mockup psd

mockup templates 10

11. 3D Box

mockup templates

12. Apple products PSD templates

mockup templates 12

13. Soda Can Psd mockup

mockup templates 13

14. Disposable Glass

mockup templates 14

15. iPad Mini Psd Vector Mockup

mockup templates

16. Film Negative

mockup templates 16

17. iPad 2 Psd Vector Mockup Template

mockup templates 17

18. Identification Card


19. iMac Psd Mockup Template


20. Movie Ticket


21. iPhone 4s Psd Landscape Mockup


22. Psd iPad Retina Mockup Template


23. MacBook Pro Retina Psd Mockup


24. iPhone 5 Psd Landscape Mockup


25. Psd Catalog Mock-Up Template



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