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Roots Html5 WordPress Starter Theme

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress | 0 comments

Roots Html5 WordPress Starter Theme

Each week I share an html5 website template. Html5 is great. WordPress is great too. Oh yeah, also add Bootstrap in the awesome category. What happens when you mix in all three? You get Roots: the WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap that will help you make better themes. Roots boasts being cleaned up, with less markup and clean urls. This means that your full root directory won’t be visible to the public, which is a nice added feature against some hackers. Roots is Bootstrap ready, but you can remove it and use your own css framework.

Roots: html5 WordPress Starter Theme

Roots also features image captions and microformats. The result from Roots is a lean, fast framework that you can use as a base for any WordPress theme. Roots is responsive out of the box. The navigation menu minimizes for tablet and mobile devices, which is fantastic. Roots is a great starting point for any WordPress site. It is meant to use to build your own themes, but there is plenty of documentation on how to do this.

Some of their documentation may be a little difficult for those that are just getting started, but Roots does a good job of trimming the fat. They don’t have any showcase themes of their own yet, but there are a few themes already created by other developers, which look promising. Below are a few screenshots of themes built using the Roots starter theme.

international-diving-centre Roots Html5 WordPress Starter Theme vets-to-go Roots Html5 WordPress Starter Theme shoretel-sky-lg Roots Html5 WordPress Starter Theme

Download the Roots Html5 WordPresss Starter Theme

There are instructions for setting up a development environment on their site. If your ready to create lean WordPress sites that look great and that are responsive, then you’ll want to pick up Roots. To download the Roots html5 WordPress starter theme, click the green download below to be taken to their site.


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