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195 Flat Flag Icons

Flat design is huge right now. It seems like every day someone creates a new flat UI Kit, or a flat icon set. I even created my own custom set of flat long shadow social media icons. The free Psd file of this week is a great set of flat flag icons. They were created by Muharrem Şenyıl, who can be found on Dribbble. if you’ve ever created your own icon set, then you’ll understand how much work goes into creating one. Trying to make it as consistent as possible, while adapting each icon to a particular style can be a real challenge. Muharrem has done so with this set of attractive, flat flag icons. They can be downloaded in both Psd and PNG formats. Below, you can see a preview of all 195 flat flag icons that you can download for free.

flat flag icons

Each of these flat flag icons have rounded corners and simplified shapes. They would be great for all types of projects. Imagine using them in a flat infographic about different countries of the world, or maybe you could use them on a map, marking different countries and their flags. A lot of work went into these ad it would be great if you would show your appreciation for these awesome icons by giving Muharrem a like on his Dribbble account, especially if you use these for something.

Download 195 Flat Flag Icons

These flat flag icons are highly useful for a wide variety of projects. There are 195 flat flag icons from different countries of the world, all done in the flat design style. What will you do with all of these awesome flag icons? This is great work and if you want to pick these up, all you have to do is click the green download button below to be taken to Muharrem’s Dribbble page for these icons.