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3 Big Reasons to Rebuild Your Website Every Few Years

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 1 comment

rebuild your website

Rebuild Your Website For Success

Over the past couple of years, the amount of technology surrounding the internet has exploded. For many businesses, more dollars are spent on their website than at their physical location. Due to the many changes in business, the importance of having a usable and updated website is one of the most important things that anyone can do. Even if a business creates a great website they need to update that website every couple of years in order to stay at the top. There are several reasons that it is essential to rebuild your website every few years.

Google Ranking Changes

Google rankings are essentially the lifeblood of a website. The higher the Google rankings for a website, the higher it will show up in the Google search results. The importance of a website for a business can be boiled down to Google rankings. If a potential customer searches for a product or service offered by a business and they are high up on the Google search results this can result in a sale. However, if the website is not updated and the business website is quite far down in the Google rankings, this potential customer will probably never translate to an online sale.

Customer Needs

In addition to Google rankings, the customer needs of this day and age dictate a strong website. New website ideas are constantly being updated, and customers want businesses they interact with to have the best website possible. As an example check out this page of REAA, who’s getting a new website. They have built a page to let their customers know and give space to their customers to tell the company what’re they thinking. Especially for younger customers, the importance of a website for business can not be overstated. There are many customers below the age of thirty that may make their purchasing decision more based on the web site and its functionality than the value of the product or the service that a business is offering. Businesses that understand the changing customer needs will be more profitable over the long run than those that do not.

Changing Technology

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, changing technology simply dictates that a website is updated every couple of years. First of all, web sites that do not get updated regularly tend to have bugs and viruses in the code. In addition, there are always new features being published out to the web that a smart business owner should take advantage of. Business that spend a lot of money creating a web site but not keeping it maintained are just throwing money down the drain. Great web sites are a lot like great cars, even if they are top of the line they must be maintained over time to remain in good condition.

Ten or twenty years ago it would cost tens of thousands of dollars in order to get a good web site built and maintained. With the rapid change of technology, many web site styles and designs can now be created and implemented for little or no cost in many situations. In the coming years, many expensive web site designs will probably see their costs come down as well. As a business owner, new websites ideas should always be coming to mind. In addition, staying on the forefront of technology is important in maintaining or creating an updated web site that should be rebuilt every few years.

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