Building Your First Website With IM Creator

There are many website building services out there. They all seem to boast about being easy to use, so you can build your own website without knowing code. Today, I am looking at IM Creator, which is a service that sets out to make simple websites quickly and easily.

im creator

You get started by selecting a template from their library of pre-made templates, or you can create your own from scratch. If you are looking for a nice, simplistic and clean-looking layout, IM Creator has plenty of those.

IM Creator Interface

Where IM Creator really sets itself apart is the easy-to-use interface. Once you have decided on a design style that you like, the editing interface comes up, where you can click on any element on the page, edit it, or even remove it. Adding an element to the page is as easy as clicking a button. You can resize images or graphics in a matter of seconds, and the entire process is very intuitive.

You can add a link to any element on the page by clicking the chain icon and filling out the information. You can link to an external website, link to a section on the current page, set up a download link for a file, and more. I was able to create a landing page for my freelance business in a matter of minutes. Honestly, if you are in a crunch for time and you need something set up in no time, even if you are a professional website designer, this could be an excellent time saver. Being able to click and edit anything on the page with a couple of clicks makes it so that anyone could create their own clean, simple website, without knowing the first thing about HTML or CSS, jQuery, linking, etc.

IM Creator Landing PageYou can also add and manage pages with a click of a button, and you can add a background, Favicon, and perform basic SEO on the site via the settings tab in the top left portion of the website. One of the coolest features is that if you need hosting, when you click publish, IM Creator will ask you to pay for hosting, and the site will publish automatically. This is awesome for someone who is intimidated by trying to set up hosting and domain information on their own.


IM Creator is another service for creating simple websites without having knowledge of code. It sets itself apart from the competition with its simplicity and its stellar features. The interface is lightning fast and the menu system is so intuitive that I was able to pick up on it in minutes. The layouts are all clean and modern, so it is easy to choose one as a base template and run with it. If you need a simple website and you want to tackle it yourself without having to learn code, IM Creator is an excellent choice.


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