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Flatteriffic Free Vector Icons

Each week I usually share a free vector file from around the web, ad this week I have another vector freebie for you. The only difference is, I created these free vector icons myself. I am calling them the Flatteriffic vector icon set, and they are completely free. No subscription is required in exchange for downloading these. You don’t have to share this page via social media to download or use them. They are completely free to use personally and commercially, and no attribution is required. The Flatteriffic set has 30 icons, all in native .ai format. I am also including all 30, each as separate PNG files, so you can drop them into your projects in seconds. You can preview the Flatteriffic free vector icons below.

Flatteriffic Free Vector Icons


What is included in the Flatteriffic Free Vector Icon Set?

I tried to include what I thought would be the most useful icons that you would use. The goal was to include what you would find on most sites or projects, and that is where the inspiration for these came from. I chose common social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I also included some good secondary ones, such as ShareThis and Skype, because a lot of designers are using Skype to hold remote meetings with clients. I also included Behance and Dribbble, because they are the post popular project and portfolio sites out there for designers. You can’t forget Pinterest and Google+ as major social media outlets. I also included some interface icons, such as search, movies, email, calendar, warning, Phone, settings, tools, and transfer icons.

Why Am I Making These Free?

That’s a good question. The first reason is because it is the Christmas season and it is the time for giving. The second reason is that it is good karma. I am not requiring anything of you for downloading these free vector icons. However, if you would share this page, or if you decide to subscribe to my newsletter, that would be great! If not, that’s okay, too. I just hope you can get some good use out of them.

Download The Flatteriffic Icon Set

You’ll receive the free vector icon set in native Adobe Illustrator format. They have been saved down to CS1 so just about anyone should be able to use them. I have also included all 30 as PNG icons. Click the button below to download your Flatteriffic free vector icons below. If you like free stuff like this, maybe you might subscribe to my weekly newsletter?

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