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4 reasons web design is important in Digital marketing

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Articles, Web Design | 0 comments

4 reasons web design is important in digital marketing

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In today’s world, you need to have an online presence. And one essential way to making your mark in the online world is by having a website. According to Techjury, there are over 1.92 billion active websites in the world, and over 4.3 billion active users! When it comes to reaching your audience, your website is a great and cost-effective way to do so. According to UK Web Host Review, 75 percent of consumers base the credibility of a business on its website. Merely having a website is not enough. You must have it beautifully designed too. Over 59 percent of people prefer visually pleasing sites to a boring one. Moreover, when it comes to digital marketing, your web design plays an important role. Here is why.

  1. It helps to get a high Search Engine Ranking

People think that quality web design is synonymous with beautiful web design. While aesthetics is an integral part of impactful web design, it is just that – one part. Another necessary part of web design is SEO. Merely changing the content of your communication doesn’t guarantee that you get a high search engine ranking. Instead, you must incorporate certain changes in your web design, as well. For instance, you must optimize the various images on the page to ensure that website speed is reduced. After all, a second added in the website load time can reduce conversion by 27 percent. One problem that E-commerce sites face specifically is the drop in search engine ranking due to duplicated content. Another issue that often happens is content cannibalization, where multiple pages overlap for the same content, and none of it ranks as high as it could if everything was comined on one page. The online world sees duplicated content as a sin. Yet, most online stores find it difficult to create a unique product description for similar items. This is where a well thought out web design can save you. For instance, to solve the issue, you can design a consolidated page for similar products, where one overview is written for all. The difference in the specification is reflected through the individual product pages. To best ensure that you can benefit from this aspect of web design, try to get Orlando SEO Consultants onboard. This way, you can get insights that you can incorporate to create a website that earns a high search engine ranking.

  1. It boosts conversion rates

Just getting visitors to your website is not enough. You must also convert them into customers. Here too, your web design plays an integral role. There are two elements of web design that come into play here. This includes simplicity and authority. The overall mood and vibe of your website ensure whether or not your visitors form a favorable opinion about your business. This is where simplicity comes in. People don’t like cluttered websites. Instead, negative space actually serves a purpose. The lesser filler information there is, the more the chance of converting customers. Why? This is because it makes sure that attention is drawn to information that does matter. The next element is the authority. This too, can be established by your web design. This is where it becomes risky. The same simplistic approach which helps in converting customers can hamper your authority if you overdo it. The key is to strike a balance. You need to make your design simple enough to be easy to use. At the same time, you must make it complicated enough to look professional and trustworthy. We understand that this is a paradoxical statement. However, professional web designers would know exactly how to approach this issue.

  1. It impacts the user experience

Web design has the power to transform the user experience. User experience is derived from easy to use navigation, high site speed, and simple user interface. Each of these factors relies on web design. For instance, the user journey of conversion is driven by the design of your website. The same customer can be provided a call to action from the home page as well as via product pages. Web designs take care of when, where, and how to reflect CTAs to visitors in ways that best guarantee conversion. One key factor of excellent user experience is site speed. Quality web designs take this into account. There was a time when internet speeds were quite slow. However, now we live at a time where the internet works at lightning speed. As internet speed has increased, so has the expectations of the masses regarding what is deemed acceptable in terms of site speed. Just how many images are included in a website is something that web design dictates. The more large images there are, the higher will be the site load time. Similarly, the use of overly complicated and flashy designs end up complicating the navigation process as well as slowing a site down. Together, this hampers conversion rates. Hence, web design plays an integral role in the quality of user experience and hence, digital marketing.

  1. It affects user perception about your brand

The world of marketing is integrated. You can’t create an impression on one platform and not expect it to transfer to other platforms. In fact, your brand is affected by the perception of each of your touchpoints. And this includes your web design as well. People spot badly constructed websites very easily. And they are as quickly turned off by it. The chances that a potential customer abandons a brand because of its poor quality websites are quite high. Hence, web design helps in forming perceptions about your overall brand. Your web design is a representation of your brand. Whether it be the color and logo used in the web design or the message it reflects, it must all be aligned to your overall brand image. Not to mention that factors like the type of web design, ease of user interface, and typography matter here.

Design your website well!

All in all, one thing is for certain – web designs are important for digital marketing. Regardless of how much you spend on Google display network and social media marketing, if your website isn’t converting visitors into customers, none of it matters. Design your website well and watch as your conversion rates skyrocket.

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