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5 Books to Help You Get Started in Graphic Design

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Articles, Design | 0 comments

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Graphic design is a highly competitive industry to break into. Finding graphic design work can be a challenge in itself. However, with a little preparation and hard work, you can give yourself a fighting chance of finding the graphic design job of your dreams. One important thing a prospective graphic designer can do is spend time keeping their knowledge and skills fresh and up to date. Here are 5 graphic design books to help you develop your skills to succeed in a graphic design career.

What Is Graphic Design – Quentin Newark

What Is Graphic Design is a reference book written by Quentin Newark, a co-founder of the Atelier Works design group. The book looks at the history of graphic design and explores what has shaped graphic design in the modern age. The book breaks the graphic design process down to it elements and looks at how text and images make up the essence of graphic design and the how the process of reproduction impact on all aspects of a graphic designers’ work.

Graphic Design: A Concise History – Richard Hollis

Graphic Design: A Concise History was written by Richard Hollis. The book looks at graphic design and its impact on 20th century visual culture. The author looks at the roots of graphic design and charts its progress through the print medium, photography, television and the electronic age, and he also discusses the work of many well known designers and companies throughout the history of the industry.

The Fundamentals of Graphic Design – Gavin Ambrose

The Fundamentals of Graphic Design is a great book to help you get to grips with graphic design and understand how the basic building blocks fit together. It is recommended for students and novices in the industry and covers a wide range of disciplines and media. The book also discusses the role and implications of graphic design, and its impact on the future of art. Graphic design processes are also explored and areas of art direction, copyright issues and more.

Graphic Design The New Basics – Ellen Lupton

Graphic Design: The New Basics focusses on the study of the fundamentals of form in graphic design. It looks at how things such as contemporary media, theory, and software systems inform the fundamentals. The book explains how to build complexity around a simple relationship between design elements. It discusses key concepts of design and takes a fresh approach to design instruction which is in tune with modern media, theory, art and technology.

Graphic Design Theory – Helen Armstrong

Graphic Design Theory, written by Helen Armstrong, is a slightly more advanced look into graphic design and is ideal for designers who have some basic understanding of graphic design work already. The book looks at the evolution of graphic design from the start of the 20th century, through to modern thinking and looks at how it may develop in the future. the book includes a range of primary texts from important historical and contemporary designers and encourages designers of all levels to join in the discussion of graphic design related issues.

Choosing the Right Book

There are a wide range of graphic design books available. It is a good idea to work through the basics before taking on trickier subject matter. The above books are a great place to start for anyone who is new to the world of graphic design.

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