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5 CSS Styles That Give Designers Trouble

by | Oct 28, 2012 | CSS3, Tutorials, Web Development | 0 comments

5 CSS Styles That Give Designers Trouble

When trying to learn CSS, there are certain css styles that are difficult to master. Just when you get the hang of floats and other ways to style different elements of your site, suddenly your site reacts unexpectedly. You can spend hours trying to figure out why something isn’t working properly. It can be incredibly difficult to understand how some css styles work, especially if they aren’t intuitive.


So what do you do? In this tutorial, I cover 5 common problems that designers face when working with css styles. Have you ever had problems with floats? It can be difficult to make your site look consistent, especially if your floats aren’t behaving properly.Do you understand how box shadows work? Can you create inset box shadows to make elements look like they are pressed into a surface? Have you ever tried CSS Gradients? Did they work in all browsers? Dropdown Menus can be a hassle, especially when styling the sub menus to ensure that they appear properly.  Have you ever tried creating rounded corners on your site? Do you know that you can style each corner individually? That will enable you to create interesting shapes instead of just sticking with the same old boring boxes.

These styles are simplistic in how they work, but if you are new or unfamiliar with how they are applied, they can be very tricky. It is important to understand what each part of the css does in order to control the look of your site. Sometimes the trouble can be with the order of how you place the css, or using a combination of styles to create a certain look. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about 5 common css problems that all designers face when designing their sites. You’ll learn how to solve these problems so that your site looks just as you intended.


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