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50 Free Cute Linear Animal Icons

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Articles, Graphic Design | 0 comments

Linear Animal Icons

Creating a consistent set of icons is no easy task. I’ve created vector icon packs in the past, and they can be tough. Portraying each individual animal in a way that matches the style is a challenge all of its own. People seem to love linear icons, because of their simplicity, and their refinement. Today, provided exclusively by Freepik, we have a collection of 50 cute linear icons you can download. Take a look at the collection below.

50-Cute Animals-02

These animals have been reduced to their simplest forms. They are clean, crisp, and can be scaled infinitely for any project. In the download, you will receive both SVG and PNG formats. You’ll be able to instantly drop the PNG files into a web project, or you can bring the SVG files into Adobe Illustrator and edit them.

Customizing these to make them your own is the best way to go. Adding your own special touch can make these icons even better. They are useful in a variety of ways, such as in a repeating background for an animal-related website, or maybe each animal could be used as an icon in an app. The possibilities are endless.

Download 50 Linear Animal Icons

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