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6 Free Vintage Badges and Elements

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Articles, vector | 0 comments

Vintage Badges and Elements

There’s just something about vintage design that makes us feel at ease. Overall, we seem to be more trusting of companies or products that use vintage design in their branding. I’ve always had a thing for vintage design and things that just look old. This week I put together a collection of six vintage badges and elements that you can use in your vintage designs. Enjoy the nostalgia of vintage graphics with these six collections.

Vintage Badges and Elements: retro badges

The first collection looks like it’s for coffee shops and bakeries. The use of vintage script fonts and bold fonts make this collection a great addition to any vintage design library.


Vintage Badges and Elements:: labels

This collection of vintage badges and elements use a lot of ribbons and decorative elements. I like the typography used in the Peter McAndrew designed in the bottom left.


Vintage Badges and Elements: ribbons

This collection is one of my favorites, even though it’s a feminine design. This is a collection of vintage design elements used for weddings and invitations. You can see the vintage frames, birdcage, and decorative elements.


Vintage Badges and Elements: Anniversary

This collection of vintage elements is supposed to resemble something you would see drawn on a blackboard. However, I like this collection because of the vintage scrolls and ribbons and different floral elements.


Vintage Badges and Elements: Badges and banners

This collection of vintage ribbons and badges has a little bit of a more polished appearance. The unexpected blue really stands out with the vintage inspired designs.


Vintage Badges and Elements: typographic labels

The last collection of vintage badges and elements is more tight based. A lot of these design elements use bold typography as its main design element. I like just about every element in this collection.


What you think about these free vintage badges and elements? These are all handy for use in vintage inspired designs. You could mix and match these elements to create your own, or to inspire your own custom vintage designs. Which one of these are your favorite? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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