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6 Great Films For Graphic Designers

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Articles, Design | 0 comments

Films For Graphic Designers

There are a wide variety of sources of information about graphic design, both formal and informal. Books, training material, online blogs and discussion forums can all inspire your creative work. And while graphic design might not be considered as typical subject matter for a typical mainstream movie, several important films have been made on the subject, providing a range of unique and useful insights on design and art.
Here are six movies we think all professional graphic designers need to see.


Helvetic: Films for graphic designers
Every graphic designer knows about the Helvetica typeface. Whether you love it or hate it, Helvetica has played a key role in graphic design for decades. The Helvetica film looks at the history of this typeface and asks questions about its universal appeal and its recurrence in marketing, transport and more.
The film also discusses the part that graphic design and typography play in our culture, and includes interviews with a variety of well known designers. It also has an excellent soundtrack.

Art & Copy

Films for graphic designers: Art & Copy
Art & Copy is a film that takes a detailed look at the advertising industry in the US. The film looks at the process behind developing successful campaigns like the Nike ‘Just Do It’ slogan and the Apple ‘Think Different’ campaign. The film interviews the creative people behind these iconic campaigns and looks to glean insight into where the inspiration came from and how it was able to reach out to millions of people.


Logorama is a fun short animated film where every character is made out of a logo. It is a 15 minute adventure in which a homicidal Ronald McDonald goes on a rampage across a dystopian LA. Whilst the film is not necessarily an exploration of graphic design ideas, it’s great viewing for anyone with an interest in logo design, and it proves even tried and tested logos can be repurposed and reinvented.

Sign Painters

Sign painters is a very recent film looking at the sign painting industry and explores contemporary sign painting. In the 1980s, the art of sign painting almost died out as shops and stores turned to computer designed, machine cut lettering and printed signs. The industry has been making a bit of a comeback and this film makes essential viewing for modern graphic designers and illustrators looking at unique design jobs.

Linotype: The Film

Linotype the film is a recent documentary which explores the history of the Linotype machine. This machine helped to revolutionise the print world and had a huge impact on the communications industry. The film asks questions about what part the machine can play in a modern society, which has been revolutionised by modern technologies and the internet.

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

Many people consider Milton Glaser to be the superstar of American graphic design. This film is a documentary about Milton Glaser, the creator of the famous I (heart) NY campaign and co-founder of New York Magazine. The film looks at his work across a wide variety of media, from newspapers, logos and interior design, through to brands, prints and drawing.

Researching Design Jobs

If you are interested in graphic design, these films are essential viewing. They all offer a thought provoking look at at different aspects of graphic design and the people and tools involved in the industry. What’s more, the range of subjects covered could inspire your hunt for your next design job.

By Sam Wright
Sam Wright is a creative content writer and movie enthusiast. He is currently working with Brand Republic.

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