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The Importance Of Having Business Cards

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Articles, Design, Freelancing | 0 comments

The Importance Of Having Business Cards

It’s easy to assume that the digital age with the social media and all the online things that we do has killed off the need for business cards. It’s an easy statement but it’s not a true one. Business cards are still important. Even though technology and digital tools surround us, the humble business cards are and will always be very useful as a direct marketing tool because people like to talk and to communicate face to face.

They are important marketing tool

Your business cards are one of the most important marketing tools. With them you are giving your contact information to potential clients or existing clients to make them loyal. In order for the business cards to do their job, they have to be professional, attractive and memorable.

playpennies business cards example.png

 What to write on business cards?

Placing your website and your email on your business cards is a must. You also should include your social media details if you have them, this will help to generate engagement.  The cards have to be eye-catching and memorable. Don’t forget that some people receive hundreds of business cards so making your card memorable will bring you more customers.

A very short tag line that defines your corporation can be important, particularly where the company name itself isn’t self-explanatory. It is vital to use your logo on your card in order to establish brand awareness or business identity.

Quality matters

It is all about first impressions. The quality of the paper is also an important factor to consider. Potential clients might associate the quality of your business cards with the actual quality of your business. For the clients will be easier to trust a company, which gives a clean and reliable image than one that, doesn’t care about it’s image.

Business Cards can be Tech Savvy

Adding a Quick Response Code (QR) to your business card says that you are open to new ideas and technology. This will do easier the possibility of doing business, helping you to reach new audiences. Having a QR code is a must if your business is connected to the digital sector.

Tech Savvy cards

Common pitfalls of forgettable business cards  

  • Being unremarkable. Your business card can’t be boring. Communicating why you are unique is a key. A unique business card will make you and your business, stand out.
  • Sloppy design. A bad card design will be associated with a poor business. Rounded corner cards or folded cards are also interesting ways to make your business card stand out.
  • Unclear messaging. Take this opportunity for showing what you do on a clear and easy to read way.
  • Low print quality. Your business card has to look professional, it is worth it to use high quality ink
  • Poor quality paper. This will be also associated with your business quality.
  • Oversized cards. Make sure they fit on people’s pockets and wallets.
  • Hiding contact information. Make sure your contact details are clear and readable.

 Business cards.

To conclude, these are overall the benefits of having business cards:

  • Allow you to give your details to a potential client or just someone you want to know better.
  • More professional than writing it all down.
  • They are light and compact. Easy to store them.
  • Eye-catching cards leave a lasting impression.
  • They are mini advertisements. That’s the perfect moment to let people know which are your business cores.
  • They help to generate engagement.

Laura is originally from Barcelona, Spain; she is currently living in London, where she moved two years ago to start a Marketing career. She likes being updated about design and decoration trends. She is currently blogging for about printing and design. 

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