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7 Amazing Apps For Designers

For anyone involved in the design, color or the print business creation of beautiful and colorful creations is part and parcel with the job – fantastic!

We remember the days when we had books as thick as your car filled with swatches and sample colors galore. They were great times for those that loved the tactile approach; however they also had their downsides.

The advent of mobile devices, let alone computers has changed the way we see and use color forever. Apple and Android’s apps and app stores provide any number of amazingly useful apps for color aficionados and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing in our opinion.

Adobe Kuler

kuler apps for designers

Yes, the name may have some sort of post-modern misspelling of the work color, but we do love this app from Adobe. It’s a great app for coming across color inspiration and allows you to come across all sorts of themes on your mobile device or via your browser for that matter. It also allows you to come up with and also to share color groups and it syncs with other Adobe products as you’d expect – simple excellent.

Color Lovers

colorlover apps for designers

For people in our area, keeping up to date with the changing world of color is a must and you need to keep in touch with what’s going on. This app is great because it explores articles about the area of color as well as the most recent happenings in the field. There are two versions – a basic one and also a far more complex one called COPASO – both are brilliant.

TinEye Labs

tineyelab apps for designers

Finding images of the creative commons ilk can be a real pain, especially if you’re trying to do it by color or tone. This great tool allows you to do just that and there are over 10m different images on there from Flickr – something that can be absolutely amazing when you need images of a specific tone.


colorcombo apps for designers

Colorcombo is another fantastic resource and one that provides a whole range of tools and articles on color. It also allows you to test out prototype ideas and color sets. There are also hundreds of combos in the Combolibrary that are there and ready to use. This includes hex values – very useful for designers.


sketcherlite apps for designers

A great app for those quick sketches and comes with a whole range of nice add-ons including 11 brushes and a wide range of colors. It’s a free app and even allows you to send your images when finished by email or even by text message – something we like at Logo Depot.


Pattrn: Apps for designers

There are loads of wonderful patterns on this site and you can use your Android device to download, browse and get ideas for patterns of your own. There are also new ones added constantly thanks to the ColourLovers community, which is very much active on a daily basis.


iFontMaker: Apps For Designers

This is an IOS app that allows you to experiment with numerous different fonts as well as create your own. It’s a great place to trial and try new ideas and you can make apps quickly and efficiently. Definitely try this app.

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a writer and a lover of apps and color. He has written a number of articles on apps, colors and design.