Postcard Design Inspiration

You may find it hard to believe, but postcard marketing is still effective – even in our digital era. Why are postcards a good way for your clients to spend their marketing dollars? Because they…

  • Offer potential customers a tangible connection to the brand.
  • Are short and sweet. A postcard message is incredibly easy to read and digest. Even if the reader doesn’t need the advertised services at that moment in time, postcard marketing increases the chance that potential customers will remember those services when they do need them.
  • Are friendly. Postcards are like receiving a friendly little note in the mail from a friend. Who could not like that?
  • Are low cost. Compare the expense of postcard marketing to search engine optimization, radio advertisements or even other forms of print marketing. Clients will save a bundle!
  • Help establish ROI. Put a clear and specific call to action on the postcard and it will help track the return on a marketing investment.

Now that we’ve talked you back into an age-old marketing technique, you probably want to know how to go about launching a postcard marketing campaign.   The first thing you’ll need is a stellar postcard design. And for that, you’ll need some pretty creative postcard design inspiration.

Fortunately, we have just what you need. Check out the various ways you can use postcards to capture the attention of potential customers.

Bold Use of Color

Sometimes the best way to get a reader’s attention is to visually assault their senses. And to do that, you must be bold with your color selection.

Post Card Design bold_color_2 bold_color_3 - Postcard design inspiration bold_color_4

Classically Contemporary

Are you seeking out both the old and the young? Do you hope to appeal to the traditional and the outrageous? Why not try a contemporary spin on classic values – a timeless, but modern design.

  classic_contemporary_1 classic_contemporary_2 classic_contemporary_3 classic_contemporary_4

Elaborate and Eye-Catching

If your clients have got the coin, why not spend it on an elaborate design that is sure to raise a few eyebrows. This design tactic is especially appealing to high-end clientele.

elaborate_1 elaborate_2

Intense Imagery

It is true: a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether that image is intended to spark curiosity, reinforce a main point, or simply make the reader chuckle, it is often wise to use an engaging photo as the essential element of your postcard design.

intense_imagery_1 intense_imagery_2 intense_imagery_3 intense_imagery_4 intense_imagery_5 intense_imagery_6 intense_imagery_7 intense_imagery_8 

Targeting Your Audience

If you have a very specific group of people you hope to appeal to, give them the specifics they need to get excited about your client’s product or service.

target_audience_1 target_audience_2

Tons to Tell

Sometimes it is essential to share a ton of information. Fortunately, it is possible to get all the important details out there and still look good while doing it. You might want to consult this article with tips about the best size of postcard. Trying to cram too much information on a postcard that is the wrong size would reduce the effectiveness of the design.

tons_tell_1 tons_tell_2

Talking with Typography

Occasionally, flashy images and bold colors just get in the way of your underlying message. Maybe the text just needs to speak for itself.

bold_color_4    typography_1 typography_2 typography_3 typography_4 typography_5 typography_6

Fortunately for all those graphic designers out there who appreciate viewing their work in a tangible form, print marketing is not dead. Stamp and ship your best design ideas on a postcard; watch its success spread like wildfire!

If you have any additional postcard design ideas, let us know!

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