Your Banner Ads Aren’t Working

No matter how beautiful or professional your web banner ads look, if they are not getting the right people to perform the desired action then that ad is a failure. If no one is clicking on your banner ad or no sales or leads are being generated from them, then you need to go back to the drawing board. There are many different reasons why a banner ad would fail. Here is a list of 7 of the most common reasons why a banner ad may fail in its functions.

7 Reasons Your Banner Ads Aren't Working

Wrong Target Audience

If you are trying to sell female cosmetics on a sports page whose main viewers are male, then the likelihood of that ad making you any money is very close to nil. That particular website’s viewers will consider your ad some big nuisance that unnecessarily distracts them away from more important things. To you, it will end up being a waste of ad space and financial investment. For the best results, first identify your target market before placing your ads. Find out by age, gender, economic power, interests, career choice, or geographical area that your main customers are likely to be. Once you have that information, place your ads where your target audience is likely to find it rather than blasting it to anyone and everyone.

No Benefits

When people view your ads, the first thing they want to know is how that particular product or service may be of use to them. A common mistake made by many marketers is to tell people about a product’s features. Studies show that a better and more sensible approach would be to tell your target market how they stand to benefit from the product and how each feature leads to greater value. For instance, isn’t it better to tell your car buyers that a particular vehicle offers more control and this leads to less accidents rather than talking about its reinforced suspension and superior traction? People want to get value for their money and so you need to tell them what benefits they stand to derive from their purchase.

Uninteresting Ads

It is estimated that banner ads have only the first 3 seconds to attract the eye and convince a viewer to take an action. And most web pages have so many competing interests that viewers have come to suffer from banner blindness. A boring web banner will never get that vital second look from a viewer. You need to create banner ads that are interesting and compelling. Make them unique and memorable by using exciting images and compelling wording.


With banner ads, less is more. If you use your easy banner maker to fill your web banner with too much information, too many images, or too many colors, then it will be an irritant to the viewer or a source of confusion. You need a brief, concise, simple, and clear web banner to attract highest click through rates.

Your Banner Ads Aren't Working

Lack of Emotional Connection

Your target market needs to feel a connection to what you are advertising. You need to use your easy banner maker to create an ad that resonates with your target market’s needs. Otherwise, your banner will just be a patch of color on a webpage which may be attractive to the eye, but very useless to the viewer and to you.

No Compelling Call to Action

So what? That is the question viewers will be asking themselves once they have seen your lovely images and read your great ad copy. You need to give them persuasive direction on the action they should perform next. For instance, you can tell them to click on the ad to get more information about the advertised product.

Ineffective Tools

For your banner ad to reach the right viewers, you need to leverage the right tools. Use a good and easy banner maker to create your ads. Use effective beta-testing tools to conduct A/B tests for increased ad performance. Use the best SEO strategies to optimize your web banner’s visibility.

A great ad is not an ad that is beautiful to the eye but one that works. You need an ad that compels viewers to perform the desired action, whether it’s to sign up for a service or make a purchase.

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