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8 Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Articles, Tutorials, Wordpress | 13 comments

Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes

It is amazing how easy it is to build your own online store these days. With ongoing development for WordPress, developers have created some fantastic ecommerce themes. More amazingly, they have created free WordPress ecommerce themes that are actually good. Listed below are the best free WordPress ecommerce themes available.


Balita- Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes



wpstorecart-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes




Wootique-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes


Simple Cart

SimpleCart-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes



wp-ecommerce-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes



jigoshop-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes


Beauty Store

beautystore-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes



kelontong-Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes

It is amazing that these are all free. If you have ever worked on an online store, you understand how much work is involved with coding, debugging, and maintaining the database of catalog items. This list of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes shows how much work developers have put into making our lives easier. We simply upload spreadsheets of our items and the images. In a day you can have your own online store.

This is fantastic for small business owners, because you can build an online store with little knowledge of web development. Knowledge in web design does help, but it isn’t necessary. The themes listed above create solutions out of the box. This enables business owners to have a site that looks professional. It also saves them money at the same time. Most of these themes accept Paypal payments, making online payments fast and secure. This takes the worry and difficulty out of creating an ecommerce website.


If you want to create a sleek ecommerce website, you can use WordPress and any of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes listed above. Together, you can get started making money online immediately. Whether you sell t-shirts or traditional artwork, collectibles or anything else that you can think of, you can sell it on your own online store with any of these themes. Even better, if you’re a  developer, you can use any of these themes as a jumping off point to develop ecommerce sites for your clients.

Have you ever used any of these themes? How did they work for you? Do you have any questions about these themes? Post them in the comments below.

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