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A Sneak Peak Into The Microsoft’s New Email App for iPhone

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

microsoft's email app

Microsoft’s Email App

It’s absolutely hard not to get excited after knowing about an email app in today’s ever connected world. And Microsoft’s latest release of Outlook app for iPhone is overwhelmingly a positive step towards email branding. After acquiring Acompli two months ago, Microsoft has finally launched an Outlook app for iOS, thus ready to bring a totally new mailing experience to its users. This latest app from Microsoft can be viewed as a re-branding of Acompli’s existing Outlook-like app with some significant tweaks that are sure to be praised by its users.

This integration of Acompli with Microsoft can significantly enhance the Outlook experience on mobile devices. The acquisition can be defined as Microsoft’s strategic move to give people a pleasurable email reading experience on the go. The latest app is full of all the rich features and functionalities that help people keep a track of their inbox, schedule their meetings or appointments, work conveniently with different attachments, and organize their work efficiently. While playing around Outlook, people will feel amused in the way they manage their email listing, and manage all their files in a single place.

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What’s in The Outlook for iOS

The new Outlook app is a professional level email solution packed with a great deal of features that are truly focused on increasing productivity. The app is smart, functional, and full of impact, and it’s free too. Its simple, one-tap integration with your contacts, files, and calender is what make this app absolutely stand out. Also, accessing recently emailed files is easy as pie.

Acompli, in the app, has combined all the benefits of combined emails, contact management, and an attachment manager into the app in an innovative manner. Additionally, there is a benefit of multiple email accounts. Means you can now add new email accounts directly from Google, iCloud, and Yahoo as well. Also, for storing files, you can easily getting connected with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. There are also focus lists accompanied by scheduling options to help you give an instant access to your inbox.

The new Outlook app also boasts a focused inbox. The email app basically divided into two tabs: Focused or Other. The Focused inbox includes all the emails that are important to you or deserve your attention, while the Other is a grouping where you can find your bulk mails. The Outlook app has the ability to learn from the user behavior and can move the emails in or out of the inbox as per its learning with time. Thus it can easily sort out which messages are important and which are not as it starts following your habits.

The calender is now much easier to access and work with, thus ensuring you have a nice mobile email experience. Also, there is a new RSVP feature that let’s you respond to your meetings without having any need to open the message. Outlook has also made it extremely easy to schedule your meetings with one-tap calender icon. And what’s more? You can even tap “Send Availability” and clearly specify the date and time that’s suitable for you.

The new Outlook app also provides you a feature where you can easily add your location in the form of a map or a note of your availability along with a message. Also, through the app settings, you can easily move left or right to perform multiple functions. Swiping in either direction will allow you to add, delete, archive, mark as read or unread, or flag any message. In addition to these, one can also “schedule” an email to which you can act or respond later. It’s very easy, all you need just pick a custom time, and message will be delivered to you according to your chosen time.

The Bottom Line

While going through the entire app, one can say that Microsoft’s strategy of launching Outlook for iOS devices is absolutely brilliant in terms of office productivity. It’s a much better tool for any working professional with ios device. The direction which Microsoft takes seems lucrative and if they continue with it, Outlook could be the most popular email app alternative dominating the app store.

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