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Slab Serif Fonts 15 You Should Use

by | Feb 19, 2015 | Articles, Typography | 2 comments

Slab Serif Fonts: 15 You Should Use in Your Designs

Slab serif fonts are excellent for adding character and impact to your designs. Some are thick, and some are thin. However, they all have a distinct presence that really grabs attention. You will mainly use them for headlines or display typefaces, because they aren’t easy to read as body copy. They are mainly used to make a statement. They can also give a design a bold personality. Below is a selection of really nice slab serif typefaces you should consider using in your designs.

Museo Slab

Museo Slab -  Slab Serif Fonts

Legion Slab

Legion Slab- Slab Serif Fonts


Rockwell - Slab Serif Fonts


Bevan Slab Serif Fonts


Chunkfive Slab Serif Fonts


Nilland Slab Serif fonts


Arvo Slab Serif Fonts


Tertre Slab Serif Fonts

Alfa Slab

Alfa Slab- Slab serif fonts


Oblik Serif

Oblik Serif -  Slab Serif Fonts

Josefin Slab

Josefin Slab - slab serif fonts

Nadia Serif

Nadia Serif - Slab Serif Fonts

Trump Town Pro

Trump Town Pro Slab Serif Fonts


Carton Slab Serif Fonts


Homestead - Slab Serif Fonts


The fonts shown above each have their own style. They have their own unique look and feel, and would make any project stand out. Slab Serif typefaces have a great deal of presence. They give your design work a sense of authority and trustworthiness. They visually have a strong base, due to the slab serifs, which gives the viewer the impression of stability from a company. Unique fonts, such as Homestead really have a place, especially with textile companies, because of the different textured parts of the typeface. Some are more abstract, such as Trump Town Pro, which has an industrial feel to it. You get the impression that this would fit well with a company that is known for construction, or manufacturing.

Lighter slab serif typefaces, such as Josefin and Nilland have an elegant, upscale look and feel. They could be used in a variety of instances. Legion Slab is very tall and would look good when used with signage. Bevan and ChunkFive are very bold, and would look good as extremely bold headers, especially on a website. Which one is your favorite? Do you like slab serif typefaces, or do you prefer another type of font, such as serif or sans serif?


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