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A2 Website Hosting Review

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Articles, Web Design, Wordpress | 0 comments

Fast Web Hosting with A2 Website Hosting

With web design being one of the major topics on my website, you know that eventually I’d have to weigh in on my hosting company of choice. I have been building and hosting websites for over a decade now, and I started out on Godaddy, then went to Bluehost, and now I have a new favorite. I have been struggling with Bluehost for a while now, since they have been bought out. Their quality of products and service level has gone down drastically. With a lot more clients, I had to test out and really scrutinize my next hosting company. After a year and a half, I can definitely say that I am 100% happy with A2 Hosting.

It Was Good While It Lasted

I got really tired of 500 server errors, gateway timeouts, and other server issues with Bluehost. There’s also the SSL certificate auto-renew bug that was a problem that plagued me for 6-8 months. They knew about it, were informed of it, and I complained and complained. I can tell you how many billable hours I had to waste on the phone with them, so they would push through a New SSL certificate. The sad part is that it should have never gotten hung up in the 1st place.

Web Hosting Trial and Error

In the mean time, I gave A2 Website hosting a trial by fire, by having them host my agency website. I made subdomains, added add-on domains, and started adding a load of stuff to my A2 hosting account. In a year and a half of hosting multiple websites on one hosting account, I have never had to call them. I take that back; I did once, but it was because I was too impatient with setting up a new domain with an SSL certificate. I didn’t give it enough time, and that was my issue.

My new Website Hosting Company of choice is A2 Website Hosting

I am slowly transitioning my clients over to A2 Hosting, because it is stable and trustworthy. Their CPanel is easy to use, and well organized. Everything in the back end works like it is supposed to, and like you’d expect it to. You can set up email accounts, and they work! Plus, they are easy to configure with your devices. If you do have to contact support, both chat and phone support know what they are talking about. I don’t know of A2 outsourcing any of their support elsewhere, which is great for getting someone who is easy to understand and who understands you.

Web Hosting Speed

A2 Hosting has shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. Either one you choose, you’re going to have a great experience. Moving from Bluehost to A2 hosting, I saw a speed increase of just under 2 seconds in my page load time, which is huge. If you go for the turbo boost package, you get an even bigger speed boost with object cache and more options.

WordPress Hosting

You can host your WordPress websites on A2 Hosting with zero trouble. They have 1 click install, which is pretty standard in the industry, but their interface makes it easy to install to subdomains, and for you to set up a new site with an SSL certificate. They also have their own modified version of W# Total Cache, which actually works, doesn’t cause problems, and is optimized for use with their hosting setup. It’s all done-for-you, which means you have it there, ready to go from the point of installation.

The Latest PHP

A2 Hosting uses v5.6, 7.1 or 7.2 so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. There are a lot of hosting companies that use outdated versions of PHP, which causes conflicts with certain plugins and themes. That’s rough when you’re trying to keep everything updated and secure.

Webhosting Pricing

The price for shared hosting is roughly the same as other hosting accounts in their market, but the product you get is much better. I know what to expect when using A2 Hosting. I can depend on them, and I know that they won’t let me down. They have a commitment to quality hosting and customer support, and that’s all I have ever gotten; quality.

The great thing is, their other hosting products, like their managed WordPress hosting, and their dedicated hosting, are all reasonably priced, too.

You know me: I only promote products I actually use and trust. If you want to check out A2Hosting, click this link. I am an affiliate, so I will earn a commission. If you trust my word, then you’ll know you’re making the right website hosting decision.

Also, I used to recommend Bluehost, but I want to phase them out of my blog. I no longer recommend them, so if you see a link or an article, let me know (with the url where I can find it) and I will redirect the post/page.

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