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Add 5 Things to Your Invoice to Strengthen Your Business

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Articles, Freelancing, Tutorials | 0 comments

Your invoice says a lot about you and your business

Your invoice is something that you should forward to sending. After all, it says that you have put a lot of work into a project, and now it is time to get paid for your efforts. Some designers may look at an invoice as a means to a end, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your invoice can actually be a valuable asset to your business. you can use your invoice as a tool to provide valuable information. This will save you time and help you to avoid unnecessary inquiries. It can also remind your clients of the next steps they may want to take with their business. It can allow you to remind your clients of other services that you provide. if they are happy with what you’ve done so far, it can encourage them to come back to you for their other business needs.

With very little effort put into revising your invoice, you can turn a standard invoice into a valuable tool to help your clients stay informed and even strengthen your business.

Standard Invoices

Standard invoices display all of the basic information that you would expect on an invoice. You will see the mailing address where you can send in payments and an itemized list of all of the products and services that were provided. This will include the cost of any materials that were used to carry out any project, as well as services that needed to be outsourced, such as printing, signage, and other promotional materials.

Useful Add-ons

Supplementing your invoices with the following sections on your invoice can be extremely helpful to both your clients and yourself. Many times, misunderstandings can arise simply because your clients are not properly informed, or they didn’t think to ask. These can do real damage to your reputation. Make your life easier and your clients’ lives easier by considering these additions to your next invoice.

Available Payment Methods

Your don’t want getting paid to be difficult. Having different ways to accept payment is an essential part of any business. Some business like to pay with a check; others use a corporate credit account. Some smaller businesses may have a business debit card, and if you use a service such as Square or Paypal Mobile, they might prefer to meet you and pay you in person. Others clients may prefer Paypal. If you have several different payment methods available, let your clients know that on your invoice. They might not be aware of alternative methods, and providing those methods will make it easier for them to pay you on time. Convenience can play a major role in whether or not you receive the payment that you seek. Receiving payments on time can be a major factor on whether you pay your own bills on time. None of us want to struggle, so make things easy for your clients.


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